Jude Law And The Ever Deepening World Of Male Celebrity Cleavage

This photo of Jude Law out shopping in London has been making the rounds and stirring up an age-old aesthetic conundrum — how low is too low when it comes to V-necks?

David Sims/WENN.com

And this isn’t the first time he’s been spotted letting his chest breathe.


We’d certainly argue that Jude is looking pretty great these days, but is his he-vage out of control?

Here’s how some other male celebrities show off their pecs for comparison:

Johnny Depp

He may go deep-V, but he keeps it classy with an array of hippie neckwear.

Russell Brand

It’s the “I could button up but why waste this glorious chest hair?” look.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan prefers his cut a little higher to the chin, giving us just enough to start salivating.

Adam Levine

He’s getting pretty low there, but Jude is still winning the battle.

Adrien Brody

Why rock a V-neck when you can just wear a cardigan with no shirt?

We can think of a few reasons.

Messing with that V-line can be a tricky business — you’ve got to go far enough to turn heads, but not far enough that those heads start laughing uncontrollably as you walk by.

SNL nailed it a while back:

Some people just aren’t meant for he-vage.

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  • Polaro

    If you have the titties, flaunt ’em. They are a lot of work, after all.

  • uruz422

    Is this new? I think it’s happened for decades now.

    As for Jude Law, if I had that beautiful hairy chest I’d flaunt it too! =)

  • mz.sam

    Its a no-brainer, Ryan Gosling is hot in and out of clothes. And like Hugh Jackman, Jude Law gets better with age paticularly body-wise for any man in their forties and beyond. All else featured are a hot mess eye-sore!

  • robho3

    These ultra low tees look like women’s tops to me

  • Bad Ass Biker

    @Polaro: Agreed. If it looks good, let it all hang out. If you are old enough to remember David Cassiday from The Patridge Family, that was a joke. He would go around with his shirt open to the navel, no muscle, no chest hair, nothing to see there, just move along. Same thing with Justin Bieber. Come back when you have something to show, kid. In the mean time, button your shirt up.

  • Franco C.

    I’m all about male cleavage, regardless of body type. If it makes you feel sexy, then do it. Who cares what other people think?

  • sejjo

    How low is too low for V-necks? You can’t go low enough. Have you seen those guys who compete in professional dance competitions (Latin, not ballroom)? Nothing like a hot guy doing a Samba with a V-neck reaching all the way to his pants.

  • MikeyMike

    Ryan Gosling should not ever be allowed to wear a shirt.

  • ingyaom

    Adrien Brody – who knew?

  • fredo777

    I think people should wear whatever the hell they want, but I don’t even wear super-low V-necks as I think they come across as somewhat more “femme”. A standard V at the most, but usually a baby-V.

  • Cam

    Whatever the heck they want to wear is fine, although I do have to admit, Law in the first picture looks like he may have borrowed his girlfriends shirt. That is one plunging neckline. lol

  • princess ida

    I just wish is was a certain part of my anatomy in Jude Law’s hand, instead if the orange.

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