Extra, Extra! “Harry Styles Leaves Her Bare Ass While Urinating In The Street”

BaPZV_xIQAA5yj3By now you’ve probably heard the important news of Harry Styles‘ bare ass making the rounds on Twitter. Earlier this week, an image of the One Direction frontman (not the homophobic one) urinating in some bushes with his pants around his ankles was gifted to the Internet via tweet, and the world rejoiced. Sir Mix-A-Lot claimed it happened at his house.

But here’s a part of the story you probably didn’t hear: Styles apparently also “left her bare ass while urinating in the street” and “showed her ass as urine”!! Preposterous!

The hilarious and unintelligible news is being reported by Google Translate, which more often than not sounds like a drunk drag queen slurring her words rather than a service designed to translate languages. We discovered the hilarious mistranslation while surfing Laverdad.es, and even though a robot mistranslating words isn’t exactly newsworthy, there’s nothing like a good, organic Google fail to brighten your day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.59.37 PM

According to the horribly translated article, the picture depicts “Harry Styles on his back with his pants down, ass in the air and urinating in the bushes of a house in the street” at “Lil-A-Lot’s” house, because he had to “leave her bladder in the first place that was presented.”

It’s great fun:

Those who do who spent the afternoon discussing Photograph ‘pee’ for Harry Styles were his friends, who wrote on their Twitter accounts that they could not stop laughing. Looks like the boy’s curls One Direction could not hold more and had to leave her bladder in the first place that was presented. It has been rumored in the microblogging social network that the photograph was taken the same night thatHarry Styles went to the birthday of television producer Heather Parry. However, the dress was not the same, so the singer Steering One must have the physical trouble on another occasion.

Despite the bad taste of the image, as something eschatological fans One Direction seem delighted with the photograph of his idol, Harry Styles shows her ass shamelessly. “What a baby’s bottom, I would leave if I were there rojitas well,” said one supporter. A new part of the boy with the curls longer a incóginita body, and there are few parts of the body of Harry Styles that are unknown.

A few body parts that are unknown? Somebody, please figure them out and tell us!