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Tom Daley reacts to his very nude portrait

Tom Daley stands in front of his portrait in Los Angeles

David Hockney is known the world over for his dreamy paintings, often featuring saturated, bright color palettes.

And now he’ll also be known for a fairly drab, black & white (& brown) nude portrait of Tom Daley, who modeled for the artist last August.

Hockney created the piece, which is quite emotive for being so subdued, using charcoal and crayon on canvas.

Daley visited his portrait’s new home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over the weekend, giving a sort of lackadaisical reenactment for the cameras. How fitting.

“When you have a Hockney nude in LACMA,” Daley wrote on Instagram.

He continued: “We went sightseeing as a family, and my mum saw me naked…we made a funny VLOG about it.”

Here’s the aforementioned funny vlog:

“Well that was definitely weird. My mum and my son seeing me naked. I know my mum’s seen me naked, but I was very young when that last happened,” Tom says in the video.