Tom Daley shares stunning underwater images


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Tom Daley recently did a stunning photoshoot for Wonderland magazine, with his front cover images winning plenty of praise.

Yesterday, he shared a selection of underwater photographs taken for the shoot. Swipe the Instagram posting above to see them all.

The photographer, Bartek Szmigulski, also shared images on his own Instagram, including a small video clip.


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And in case you missed the cover, it’s below.


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In a separate development, Daley did a video interview with GLAAD this week, in which he discussed his career and Olympic success.

Highlights of the talk included comparisons between his 2016 Olympic experience and 2021.

“Back in 2016, when I thought it was going to be my chance to win an Olympic gold medal…after that competition, my husband said to me, ‘Maybe it’s not meant to be, maybe it’s meant to be that your future child is meant to watch you win an Olympic gold medal,’ and five years later, Robbie, our son, was watching it on TV.

“He was there to watch me win an Olympic gold medal and now the sweetest thing is, we are here in Calgary…and we drove past the Olympic parkway, and he was like ‘Papa, look, the Olympic rings…you win that!’ It is really sweet that he was able to watch it and he understands what I have done.”

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Daley also says he and his husband Dustin Lance Black want more kids.

“We have always said that we would like to have a big family. As a gay couple, it’s not just as easy as a bottle of wine and a good time! There is a bit more thought and preparation that has to go into it, but it is something that we would definitely like to look into in the future for sure.”

Asked whether he thinks he will compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, Daley said: “I just want to see how my body does. If I can manage to do another Olympic Games, I would love to but I am going to take it step by step and next year, I will make the decision.”

You can watch the full conversation below.