Tom Daley v. Jack Laugher v. Chris Mears: Which Team GB Diver Has The Best Ass?

team-gb-best-ass-daley-laugher-mearsWe renewed our interest in straight Olympic diver Chris Mears this week when he posed for the debut issue of gay luxury lifestyle magazine Winq.

One thing led to another and, well — we posted a few pictures of Mears with fellow Team GB divers Tom Daley and Jack Laugher. The boys were spending so much time together during the 2012 Olympics that their shirtless trio poses have inevitably led fans to threesome fantasies.

“I’ve had a couple of funny suggestions [on Twitter],” Mears said, “normally guys asking for foursomes with me, Tom [Daley] and Jack Laugher.”


Unfortunately, we don’t (and probably won’t ever) have footage of a steamy Team GB threesome, but the recent posting of Tom Daley’s debut bare ass shot means we do have photos of their asses. Mears posed nude for Gay Times in January 2013, and Laugher did the same in October.

Obviously, we need to take a poll on which Team GB diver has the best ass.

Click photos to see the uncensored version (NSFW).


Jack Laugher


Tom Daley


Chris Mears

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