Tracy Morgan Touched My Gay Face Last Night

tracy_morgan_hornsTwo years ago, Tracy Morgan triggered a firestorm with a “joke” saying he’d stab his gay son if he whined about being bullied. A lot of us have never forgiven the funny man.

But he’s eager to make amends and even touch his gays. In fact Queerty contributor Evan Mulvihill (below right) found out first hand when the comic not only returned a compliment, but reached out to offer a playful pat on the cheek.

Here’s the intrepid Mulvihill’s account of the red carpet encounter:

I didn’t expect to run into Tracy there, you see, I was covering an HBO documentary about Elizabeth Taylor called The Battle of amFAR at New York’s School of Visual Arts Theatre. But there he was, strolling in for the premiere of Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic with his pregnant fiancee Megan Wollover on his arm.

I asked him about his little falling-out with the gay community.

“Yeah, some people took certain things the wrong way,” he said.

Evan MulvihillBut he tried to make good, right? There was that a whole episode of 30 Rock about it.

“Yeah, I did some things with GLAAD,” Tracy said. “But that’s the way I feel anyway. I woulda did that without the falling out. You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause that’s the type of person I am. It was a misunderstanding and it got cleared up.”

Would he really have had any interaction with GLAAD without the son-stabbing comment? Doubtful, but at least I can go back to liking him now. So I let him know I loved his comedy despite the hatefulness of his words .

“You know, I love you too!” he said back. “I love the way you look, boy!”

And then it happened — he gently brushed my face with his hand.

“It was a misunderstanding,” he continued. “It was a bump in the road, and I’m glad that got cleared up, man.”

Just to be clear, I asked him if he’d accept his child if he or she were LGBT, especially considering he was rubbing his baby mama’s pregnant belly just moments before we talked.

“Of course, absolutely,” he replied. “Magic Johnson did. I wouldn’t see no reason why not to. As long as he don’t owe me no money!”

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  • Sparkyu1

    talking about stabbing gay children is a “misunderstanding?”

    Bah, he listens to his PR people now, he’s been burned and knows to tone it down and play nice for the reporters and the cameras – and GLAAD did such a wonderful job of giving him that shiny redemption tour – and now you’re sealing it as done?

    I’ll keep away, I want nothing to do with anyone who thinks killing gay kids is funny – or a “misunderstanding”. Even if he makes some pretty PR speeches and ZOMG TOUCHES YOUR FACE afterwards.

  • hephaestion

    “I’m glad that got cleared up, man.”
    How did it get cleared up? Because he said so?
    Tracy, it did NOT get cleared up. There was NO “misunderstanding.”

  • LadyL

    “Yeah, some people took certain things the wrong way.”
    I’m sorry, what? In what way is that an apology?
    What’s your deal, Tracy? Do you think being Black and a comic gets you some kind of pass? We’re supposed to understand it’s just how you roll? Fuck off.

  • Allen D.

    I didn’t start hating him when it happened, and certainly don’t hate him now. I’ve made some REALLY bad jokes – but they don’t reflect who I am as a person. It’s me going for a reaction. Granted, this is just amongst my friends & not on a stage. But I get it. Making a joke about something you don’t really think or believe IS fair game.

    I think everyone has made a joke or two that they wouldn’t want just ‘anyone’ to find out about.

    So, on with your bad self, Tracy. No matter what all these people think above me – they don’t have exclusive license to speak for the entire community (though it would appear that they think they do).


    As a behavioral psychology, HOMO and dad to six you have say terrible thing about your child. That is illegal and abusive to the child and I WANT! to talk with him. I wonder if you know for how long you can go to prison just for that?. AdamHomo

  • balehead

    Guys…He’s comedian…not a bishop!! Get your gay separatism bullying out of my face..no wonder equal rights are taking so long…

  • bledoutcolor

    This is news? A pat on the cheek? And its supposed to be an olive branch to the gay community? Please.

    I still fag stand this smug unfunny a******. How would we like it if we called on people to stab people named Tracy? Calling for violence on an already karginalized group is never funny a**hat. And doing a few hours working for a group that is basically there to kiss celebrity a** and repair their reputation when they say something homophobic (and is not at all a representative of the gay community at large because its basically just there to fundraise and host fancy parties for rich white gay guys) is NOT going to repair the actual damage you do to gay kids who heard your s***-a** excuse for a comedy routine.

  • bledoutcolor

    Omg wtf that was supposed to say cant. I hate my tablet with a passion. Didn’t mean to type f**. Apparently my tablet is homophobic just like everyone else where I live. -.-

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