Transgender Reality Star Domonique Newburn Brutally Murdered

domDomonique Newburn, the transgender woman featured in the 2011 LGBT-themed web series Hollywood Houseboys, was found dead in her apartment in Fontana, Calif., reports TMZ.

Newburn, 31, had apparently been the victim of a brutal beating Tuesday. Police said witnesses reported seeing a man leaving Newburn’s apartment and leaving in a black Mercedes sedan, which may have belonged to Newburn. The car was later found abandoned Wednesday at a park in San Bernardino.

Houseboys creator Ryan Hope issued a statement about Newburn, who appeared on the docu-reality series as “Domonique Duffy,” saying:

“We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our sister, Domonique Newburn. Domonique was an amazing person whose spirit transcended gender. When we set out to document our lives for reality television, we never once wished to make headlines like this. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with her family.”

Watch a sizzler reel of the series below.