Troye Sivan Responds To Nude Photo Leak With Pics Of Other People In His Underwear


Australian singer Troye Sivan‘s photo leak happened last week, and he kept his cool surprisingly well.

Troye had a good attitude — “I look good,” he joked. But it still really sucks to have your privacy violated like that.

But now he’s turning a bad thing into money by releasing a limited-edition line of grandmotherly underwear. They are black and unisex and cover up plenty of skin — so sexy! You can pick up a pair from his website for one week only. Will they rise in value after that, or be forgotten on the dustheap of marketing gimmick history? Truly, underwear is the new bitcoin.

“Jokes aside, this sucks,” Sivan Tweeted. “Nothin I can do now.”

Well, apparently not nothin. Releasing a line of underwear is probably the best way to diffuse tension around the whole thing. As celeb responses to sexy scandals go, this one isn’t bad. Maybe that guy on the gay Bachelor should hire Troye’s PR folks.