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Trump may have his first 2020 Republican challenger and her name is… Caitlyn Jenner?!

Jesus H. Christ. Please say this isn’t true.

While speaking to the BBC about her new memoir, Caitlyn Jenner was asked about her old buddy Donald Trump and how she felt he was doing as POTUS, specifically how she felt he was doing on trans issues.

“I thought Trump would be better on these issues,” Jenner said.

We can’t imagine why she thought that. It’s not like Donald ever made any indication that he cared about trans people on the campaign trail, aside from that time he said Jenner was free to use the women’s bathrooms at Trump Towers.

Jenner continued, “It doesn’t make me regret my vote yet, but it is very disappointing and I have been very verbal about that,” adding that she would like to have “more conversation” with The Donald about LGBTQ issues.

Asked directly if she would ever consider entering politics, Jenner had a rather cryptic response. Said she: “I do a lot of political stuff, but it is mostly all behind the scenes. I have been asked that question quite a bit, to be honest with you–over the next year I’m looking into it.”

Did you catch that, folks? Caitlyn Jenner is “looking into” running for office. That sounds frighteningly similar to when Donald Trump said he was “seriously considering” a run for president back in 2014.

Thankfully, Jenner suggested that if she does run, it would probably be for Congress, not the White House. Of course, plans can always change.

“I want to know where can I do a better job for my community, in bringing the Republican Party around when it comes to all LGBT issues,” she said. “Is it from the outside? … Or is it better off being on the inside, and actually running for a Congress or Senate seat? Can I do more good there?”

“Those are the things that I am evaluating.”

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  • Tobi

    Yay ! Valerie Perrin for Chief of Staff !!

  • Eddie Jr

    I’m not a religious person but…PLEASE GOD NOOO!!

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      This is a self serving old man that wears women’s clothes. Stop reporting on him like he matters to or is associated with gays

  • Bob LaBlah

    “While speaking to the BBC about her new memoir,”

    Right there is where I stopped and I wouldn’t be shocked if others thought the same way. This self promoting ol’ whore not too long ago said on Ellen that marriage is between man and woman. What, I ask, could she have to say that would even come close to standing up for gay issues? Oh wait, thats right, she isn’t gay. She just likes to prance around in front of television cameras wearing designer shoes, bras and panties for no other reason than she’s Bruce Jenner. Silly me. Of course she would think marriage is between man and woman because she isn’t gay. As they say, you learn something every day.

    • Kangol

      She’s Caitlin Jenner. I find her politics horrible and self-serving, but that does not mean she should be subjected to transphobia. Come on, Bob LaBlah, at least don’t fall into that trap. Please.

    • Bob LaBlah

      You can’t subject some one whose trans is questionable. Think about it for a minute: He gets “caught” in the lens of a paparazzi wearing his pink thong (he was also wearing pants by the way). Next the paparazzi “notices” his bra. Next comes the lipstick. Now all of a sudden the buzz gets going as to how many clicks the websites who are carrying these “reports” are getting clicked on (as in being able to charge more for advertising perhaps).

      Now he realizes how much money he can make and his agent goes pedal to the metal with the bookings. E! Channel give him his own gabfest with nothing but other well-to-do queens as his guests. Now he comes out of the closet wearing a swimsuit that he is too old to be wearing but hey, this is a Kardashian klan member we are talking about here so the debut had to be sexy. No one noticed how he avoided gay and most trans issues such as employment/housing except carefully planned lip service. What makes you people defend this phony is beyond me but I call IT like IT came off from day one, a phony and an opportunist the same as the rest of the Kardashian klan. And by the way, does anyone know what is delaying the “chop” he announced a few months back he was going to go thru with?

    • DuMaurier

      First, no one would go through all this for publicity/money. That’s an anti-LGBT meme I’ve gotten used to, but please, not here. Second, “wearing a swimsuit that he is too old to be wearing” manages to combine ageism with misgendering; and I start to wonder whether you really are just trolling when you indicate unawareness that “chopping” something has anything to do with being authentically transgender.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Dear, if the word “operation” sounds better than the word “chop” the so be it. I am only repeating what he announced. As for your wondering if I am “trolling” I wonder if you are one of its paid assistants “trolling” in his defense. Jenner has a multi-million dollar image that he needs to protect and the more it fades the more desperate he becomes to save it. And by the way, if he has done so much for the trans community why hasn’t Malloy and the other trans police come to his defense? Surely you remember them, the one who decided to get together and trash Rupaul just before this thing in the article made its debut on the national stage for no other reason than financial and personal gain.

      Wake up dear, your smarter than that and the more you and others go to its defense the more pathetic Bruce looks.

  • 1898

    “I thought Trump would be better on these issues,” Jenner said.


    “It doesn’t make me regret my vote yet…”


    “I want to know where can I do a better job for my community…”

    Not speaking on their behalf would be a great start.

  • kevininbuffalo

    She doesn’t seem to get it that the public is bored with her. Once she revealed her name and was photographed as a woman there was nothing more to be said. The public doesn’t find her as fascinating as she finds herself. Sic transit gloria mundi — “Thus passes the glory of this world.

  • mhoffman953

    LOL go for it.

    Looks like Trump’s rumored competition will be Caitlyn Jenner, Pocahontas, Maxine Waters, and Mark Zuckerberg HAHAHAHAHA

    I wish it was 2020 already

    • Mo Bro

      Unless the Dems pull another nobody out of their ass who can fool their hapless sycophants with more Utopian pipe dreams (as they did in 2008 with B.O.), then I foresee Mr. Trump easily retaining his position until January 20, 2025 . . . most especially since the left will undoubtedly continue their unprecedented streak of childlike behavior in the interim, further convincing the public of their inability to lead.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Trump will never live that long! Heart attack in 2018 or even earlier. He’s 70, has an irrational explosive temper, he eats garbage and he’s FAT FAT FAT FAT!

    • Kangol

      “Pocahantas” is a racial slur. Cut that crap out.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Hey, Mo Bro. Is it true he’s debating whether or not to replace Pence with Sarah Palin because he feels she is more on his level and sees things his way? And is it true he threatened Jeanine Piro with jail if she aired that interview he did with her because of the facial/eye and deep sighing expressions she made off camera?

    • mhoffman953


      LOL You’re more offended by me calling Elizabeth Warren the name Pocahontas instead of being offended by her pretending she’s Native American to just get into college thus possibly bumping a potential Native American student from being able to attend that college.

    • DCguy

      Awww, Mo Bro still tries to have fake conversations with his other screenames. How adorable.

  • Jack Meoff

    Well if Trump can become president I suppose anyone can.

    • DuMaurier

      When I saw the headline my first thought was, “Remember when something like this would be too silly to print, discuss or even think about?” Well, not anymore.

  • stevetalbert

    I vote self absorbed fool. No one can lie about something so foolish. Although to be fair, thats what people in palm springs said about sonny bono before he ran for congress

  • Donston

    ugh. I tried to giving her chances. But, it’s been nothing but ‘ughs’ since she “came out”.

  • Uppity

    Here’s why we are subjected to endless stories about Jenner when virtually nobody is interested. Firstly, Jenner has a net worth of $100 million. She is rich and that’s why the Diane Sawyers of this world are so happy to interview her; it’s a very exclusive club that Jenner shares with media barons and the celebrity interviewers of this world, and they’re always into helping each other out. Secondly, she can afford the best publicists to hawk her endeavours (the latest being her book). It’s a huge media machine available only to a select few who can pay. Thirdly, the liberal media outlets who so enthusiastically oblige Jenner are blinded by their own politics. They think that foisting Jenner’s PR stories on us, is GOOD for us, that we need to see and hear it. But if they actually did a bit of real digging they would discover that Jenner has virtually NO support in the LGBT community due to her various statements, support for Cruz and Trump, etc. Conservatives naturally also don’t want a bar of her, and that’s half of America right there. And the rest, those who may be more liberally inclined, have got over the novelty factor and find Jenner’s Republican politics bewildering and unsettling. Fourthly, Jenner’s links to the cash cow that is the Kardashian family is essentially what launched her. Here’s an example of how she leveraged that connection. E! offered Jenner $1 million to star in “I Am Cait.” Jenner demanded $3 million and got it, not because she was worth it (the series rated poorly and was cancelled after two seasons), but because E! had to keep on side with the rest of the family, for fear they might have taken their business elsewhere. Jenner has since fallen out with almost all of the family. But back when that deal with inked they were still rooting for her. The fact is, most people wish she would just go away. But we are NEVER going to be free of her.

    • Bob LaBlah

      So nice to hear a voice of reason. And by the way Gl–, er, um, Uppity, how have you and Mr. Uppity been these days of late? lol Nice to hear from you honey, take care.

    • DCguy

      It reminds me of when nobody cared about Kate Gosslin or Jessica Simpson anymore, but because their P.R. people had deals with the magazines like PEOPLE or US we kept seeing them on the covers for years.

  • JB

    Can we PLEASE pass a law preventing any more reality TV stars from running for office???

  • DCguy

    Jenner couldn’t scrape together enough people interested in her to maintain minimal ratings on a cable reality show.

    Yeah, she’s a real election threat there.

  • JolliJerk

    Buckle up, BUCKAROOS!!
    I thought Cait was already vice president to that douche ?

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