Forces at work

Trump’s anti-LGBTQ executive order is still very much a thing

Donald Trump has only been in office for seven weeks, and it’s going to take a marathon runner’s endurance to stay on top of his actions as president. There is no room to stop paying attention.

Mere days after inauguration day, White House sources began commenting on an executive order opening up discrimination against the LGBTQ community on the basis of religious belief.

A leaked copy of that so-called “religious freedom” order emerged, and it was even worse than many expected.

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Eventually the administration put out a statement that they had no plans to roll back LGBTQ workplace protections put in place by Obama. Activists worried about the specificity of that statement, which made no mention of the rumored order pertaining to “religious freedom.”

Then last week, Trump’s former policy chief confirmed that the administration is still “in the process of redrafting” the order to make sure it won’t be overturned by the courts. Now evangelical group Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to drum up support for the discriminatory action.

“Our contacts in the Trump administration are now specifically asking for pro-religious liberty citizens to speak out loudly in support of this pending order,” they said in a message.

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Mat Staver, the group’s leader added:

“Liberty Counsel Action’s contacts in the Trump administration have asked for pro-religious liberty citizens to speak out loudly in support of this pending order.

We are notifying our team members of the request and asking you to stand with us through our Open Letter to President Trump supporting his executive order on religious liberty.

We want to deliver at least 50,000 signatures… directly to the White House next week as an offering of encouragement to the President.

Radical groups are working overtime to bully President Trump and members of Congress to prevent them from enacting the agenda that we put them in office to accomplish.”

You can find Staver’s open letter to the president here.

“We strongly urge you to issue your executive order on Religious Liberty,” it concludes.

Liberty Counsel has a history of secretly helping state Republican lawmakers draft anti-LGBTQ legislation, so it will be wise to stay abreast of their current campaign.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CC 4.0