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Trump’s shocking COVID interview re-told in the style of Liza Minnelli

Comedian Sooz Kempner as Liza Minnelli playing Donal Trump
Comedian Sooz Kempner as Liza Minnelli (Photo: YouTube)

You will probably be aware that President Donald Trump gave a televised interview to Axiom’s Jonathan Swan earlier this week in which he discussed his administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, among other issues.

Although Trump’s petulance and vagueness around hard facts is nothing new, the interview succeeded in placing his response to the virus under the spotlight.

Donald Trump is interviewed for Axios
(Image: HBO/Axios)

An award-winning cabaret performer from the U.K., Sooz Kempner, known for her comic impersonation of Liza Minnelli, has taken the President’s words and repeated them under the guise of Liza. It manages to bring some lightness to what is a pretty grave situation. It also reminds us that although we may enjoy our entertainment icons to be a little unhinged and diva-ish …. well, they’re not qualities we tend to like in our politicians.

You can watch below or on Facebook. And remember – these words were taken verbatim.

On Twitter, the video prompted a lot of love and comment.

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Not quite everyone has been amused. One Liza fan was distinctly unimpressed, commenting on YouTube, “I’m all for a good laugh, but why ridicule Liza Minnelli?! I’m sure this Oscar-winning artist is no fan of the most incompetent and deceitful President in American History. Why soil her image and accomplishments by associating her with this political low-life?”

Fans of the video were quick to point out that if anyone was being ridiculed, it was – first and foremost – definitely Trump.

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