Turns Out That The Six El Paso Gang Members Gay Bashed A Straight Man

Even though the sister of the El Paso man beaten by six thugs outside of a gay bar says that the 22-year-old is not gay, she still asserts that his beating is indeed a hate crime:

So far police say they have no evidence to call the attack a hate crime. [The victim’s sister Deanne] Martinez calls that ridiculous. She says her brother isn’t gay but he was alone outside of a gay club and the men who attacked him made it clear why they picked him. Martinez said, “they were yelling gay slurs and yelling their gang name or where they’re from.”

Just goes to show that homophobia hurts gay and straight people. But even more disconcerting is that the El Paso Police Gang Unit says the Texas border city has 539 gangs with over 5,665 members. Though not all the gangs commit violence, finding Martinez’s perpetrators depends on the testimony of his sister, his sister’s friend who tried to intervene with her jeep, and him should he ever wake up from his injuries.