Nontroversy du Jour

Twitter is furious at Billboard for calling Ariana Grande the “gay icon of her generation”

Guys, Twitter is so mad at Billboard right now. It’s safe to say Twitter is very, berry angry at Billboard.

And that’s the worst kind of anger.

In a story that ran Wednesday, Billboard reporter Mitchell Harrison hailed Ariana Grande “the gay icon of her generation,

He includes eight increasingly graspy reasons why this might be so, including: her gay brother, her 2015 NY Pride performance, her appreciation for the LGBTQ community as a whole, and… her Celine Dion impression?

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Tight deadlines will do this to a person.

Now Twitter is furious at Billboard. Beside themselves. Striking back. Lashing out. Not having it.


Got that? We won’t forget this, Billboard. You just crossed the wrong gay community, pal. Not our gay icon. We’re gonna come down on you so fast, you won’t know what hit you. We will not rest ’til…ZOMG, brownies! YES.


We’re so there.