Bathroom Bullies

Two women arrested for attacking a transgender woman in a bathroom

Police have arrested two women in Raleigh, NC for allegedly assaulting a transgender woman in a bathroom.

The incident took place at Milk Bar, a local cocktail and music venue, on December 9. According to police reports, two women, Amber Harrell, 38, and Jessica Fowler, 31, entered the ladies’ room and struck up a conversation with another woman there.

Though at first the conversation seemed affable, it turned violent, apparently after Fowler and Harrell realized the other woman was transgender. Fowler & Harrell then grabbed at the woman’s genitals and asked if she had a penis. One even tried to pull the victim’s shirt off to examine her breasts.

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The harassment continued outside the bathroom where Harrell and Fowler continued to grope the woman’s buttocks and stomach. Bar staff reportedly had to ask the two women to stop a number of times. The day after the incident, a friend of the victim alerted law enforcement. Both Harrell and Fowler eventually turned themselves over to police. The former posted $50,000 bond for release. Fowler remains in jail under a $30,000.

The attack comes on the heels of several proposed “bathroom bills” aimed at targeting transgender individuals. The most recent, HB 142, prevents cities from passing their own non-discrimination bathroom policies in the state.