Uganda Would Like To Start Killing Queers And HIV+ People ASAP, Thank You Very Much

Remember the “Kill the Gays” bill that Uganda wants to pass to divert people’s attention away from the country’s other problems? Maybe you worried that it was dead. Well, cheer up! Not only is it alive and well but it’s also on the fast track so that Uganda can start killing and imprisoning all queers, HIV-positive people, and their associates as early as August! Fun.

And please don’t forget to thank the American bigots who helped bring this bill into existence to begin with. Fuckers.

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  • Reed Braden

    Fuck, I hate this species.

  • MBear

    I smell a whole bunch of christianist, islamist & judaists just salivating at the chance to do that in the US.

  • NSRob

    Great it begins again. The bill that just won’t die.

  • gherkin

    My advice? Begin stocking up on guns and ammo and fortify your homes. This is the future of America.

  • Thomas

    Wikipedia sez Uganda has untapped oil reserves.

    Let the bombing commence!!

  • Queer Supremacist

    How much of our money are these Afro-Nazi hell holes getting in foreign aid?

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