UK’s National Portrait Gallery Gets Gay

Britain’s museums sure are loving the homos. First Emperor Hadrian’s getting hung over at the British Museum. Now we hear that the National Portrait gallery purchased four portraits from homo-photog David Gwinnutt:

The portraits of film director John Schlesinger, playwright Neil Bartlett, performance artist and club legend Leigh Bowery and photographer Corinne Day are candid and intimate.

Terrence Pepper, curator of photographs at The NPG, said,

“We are delighted to have four more photographs by David Gwinnutt in the Photographs Collection. Atmospheric and evocative, Gwinnutt’s high-contrast black and white, strikingly composed photographs evoke very well the era in which they were taken. Anti-glamorous and un-staged, they reveal an intimacy with his sitters, allowing the viewer to feel they are seeing the ‘real’ person in the picture.”

The portraits will be on view starting in February.