UMass’ Swift Gay Assault Arrest

Police have arrested and arraigned 24-year old University of Massachusetts Amherst student, Tony Brennan for assaulting a gay peer. The unidentified student was strolling near the school’s Stonewall House when Brennan alleged attacked him, resulting in a broken eye-socket, a concussion and other assorted scrapes. Of the beat down, Stonewall House director Brett-Genny Beemyn assured the public this is an isolated incident:

This is very serious, although it is important to point out that this was one incident… This is not a trend. This is one of the most LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) friendly campuses in the country. People can walk and hold hands, kiss.

For their part, the school and police treated the episode very seriously. Deputy police chief Patrick Archibald said:

The campus community and the UMass Police take this type of incident seriously, and we called in additional staff to investigate and address this case in a prompt fashion.

In addition the charges against him, Brenna may face the school’s disciplinary committee. Which, really, he should. Although, we imagine that his education’s the least of his worries.