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  • what?

    i would have loved to see carmen carrera. jessica wild is a fierce queen too! and also, it would have been interesting to see how the other queens would have reacted to phi phi’s bad attitude so i wish they had just thrown her in there for entertainment.

  • Kevin

    There were quite a few from the most recent season who would have been great choices, especially DiDa, Willam, and Madame LaQueer. Kind of surprised not to see Ongina as she seems like such an obvious choice. Maybe she said no? Also would’ve liked to see one of season 3’s big girls, Delta for the look or Stacy for the fun. Overall, good selections, with the huge (pun intended) exception of Mimi. Bleurgh.

  • mrsbuela

    oh honey mrs buela woulda loved to see shangela and phi phi honey only so ms shangela
    could bitch slap phi phi into 2014.

  • Jordan

    Woohoo! Can’t wait!
    This show just puts a smile on my face

  • IronIke

    This is a good line up. I think it’ll be very entertaining. What’s funny is my GRANDMA loves this show. She says it’s one of the only things you can watch on television that isn’t about politics and bull lol!

  • Danny Texas

    Can we just admit Ru has a type? and isn’t very willing to look outside that type when it comes to the Top 2.
    Lots of amazing contestants who were talented and show stoppers that were eliminated early for no reason. Just read the many message boards online that still rehash some of the weird results

  • DouggSeven

    @what?: I don’t think Carmen Carrera would be eligable since he’s transformed into a woman.
    While I didn’t really care for him one way or another, I’m suprised Shangela isn’t back. Say what you will about him being in 2 seasons – he’s still kind of an ‘all star’ of the show.
    But Tammy Brown? That’s an odd choice for an ‘all star’. I liked his act – but it was proven pretty early in his season that this is not his kind of platform.

  • Polyboy

    Wait…Tammie basically quit in a high handed fit being rude to one of the guest judges. Why oh why would she come back now? It’s still a reality show and it’s just as crazy and three times as bitchy.

  • Nina

    What? No Raja? Fail.

  • Jersey


  • JohnnyBoy

    That’s interesting. Only one black person was chosen (Latrice Royale).

  • DouggSeven

    @JohnnyBoy: Yea…and? It’s still a pretty nice melting pot. Besides, you don’t know who said no. I know Tyra has got some other documentary project going on – something about being a tranny dad.

  • DouggSeven

    @Jersey: I’ll see your Tatiana, and raise you a Rebecca Glasscock.

  • Triple S

    @JohnnyBoy: Yeah, and no Asians, are you going to have a crisis over that too? Or is it just blacks?

  • Larkin

    @Nina: Sharon Needles said she wasn’t coming back because she was a winner. I rather suspect they don’t want winners coming back to win again. Whether true or not, Raja already won… time to pass the crown to someone else.

  • hamoboy

    @Triple S: No asians? You’re kidding right? What are Manila and Jujubee? Chopped liver?
    To answer JohnnyBoy, it’s because most of the truly trainwreck/entertaining queens weren’t black. The black queens so far were either reasonable queens with serious holes in their skillsets (Shangela, Mariah, Sahara), the winners of their seasons and incredibly fierce (Bebe and Tyra), or delusional idiots whose ambitions exceed their skills by miles (Milan, Mystique, Akashia). The first category doesn’t make for thrilling TV (except for Shangela, but she’s been overused), the second of course have already won, and the third category would be persuasive to add here, except none of them are meltdowns in a good entertaining way, they all have a negative energy that would bring the show down. And of course there’s Stacy Lane. Or as I like to call her, Swamp Thing. ‘Nuff said.

  • Larkin

    addendum to my post:

    I rather suspect these former winners will be on the show in some regard, like a guest judge.

  • hamoboy

    @Larkin:As long as Sharon doesn’t look as busted as Tyra and Raja did in the S4 pre-finale. I still don’t know WTH is up with Tyra and her new-found bustedness… She was so polished at 21, but apparently ages like milk and not wine.

  • jj

    Fucking mimi! bitch better be the first one gone

  • Cam

    This looks like a pretty good line-up. Of course, it would have been fun to have Willem in there. lol

    As for why Tannie Brown was entered. I always thought that it was a shame they don’t let some of the queens, perform one song in their own style. Tammie who seems like she does a different kind of act, was there when lip syncing for your life was always to a Ru Paul song or to some waaaay out of date dong that just wasn’t her style. Be interesting to see if she can make it past the first few rounds.

    Any guesses on a winner? I’m thinking Manilla is going to be tough to beat.

  • sheena

    i think this one is going to fail…..for just 6 seasons and 2 queens doesnt deserve it…..tammy brown and the cheating mimi im furtst who did something with voting….no one LIKES HER….logo is just greedy over money ans sadly they used our amazing queens for that as an instrument knowing the race is the most watched on logo….tsk tsk tsk logofail

  • Tom

    LOL @ Mimi Imwurst INSTEAD of Imfurst.. semi-Freudian slip…….lol— I LOVE IT !!!!!

  • Frank

    Who’s the darkest contestant of the bunch? …they got themselves a gaurenteed Top 2 spot based judging on how this thing usually works. Just saying.

  • hamoboy

    @Frank: Bullshit. The darkest-skinned (relative to the others) queen hasn’t been in the top 2 since Season 1. I hear that dog-whistle loud and clear. The top 2 of season 2 was a light-skinned black, and a white queen, season 3 had a very tan indonesian, and a white/filipino queen, then season 4 had two white queens. You need to stop your bullshitting.

  • QJ201

    @JohnnyBoy: …and 3 of the 4 first winners of RPDR were people of color and two of them black.

  • QJ201

    Ah no Willam…

    but this bitch keeps working it…just before the All Star cast is revealed, Willam releases another single.

  • Spike

    All-Stars already, guess there aint much $$$ to be made after a DQ does the show and/or they have already gone thru all the DQ’s in the US, time to head to Europe Ru, or better yet, Asia, those DQ’s esp Thailand would wipe these tired hags off the floor.

  • velocifero

    I thought the show got BETTER when Ru started going back to his old Wigstock days and started looking at Queens who were combination performers and performance art. The black queens so far either are all pagaent, ball room or in Shangela’s case, and I am NOT a fan, simply is trying too hard to get attention. Same goes for the PR girls. Too pagaenty and lacking creativity. Nina Flowers I’m not a big fan – too serious – and Mimi? Really? She’s on there just because. They want some drama. If you want large queens representing, then Delta please. But, Delta is working constantly as is Ongina so I don’t think they need the show just yet. Please just no Santino Rice as a judge?

  • Bryan Irrera

    @Nina: Since Raja already won, she has nothing to prove. If you notice Bebe, Tyra and Sharon aren’t competing either. Of course, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t serve as guest judges!

  • Cam


    Well the blogs were all over Ru and Logo saying that they needed to fire Ru and get another judge because of the obvious biases she had. Not necessarily racial, although Ru attacking other Queens for doing dated moves, and then praising Tyra for doing old moves and calling them Classic was a bit revealing.

    But rather, Ru seemed to have a major bias towards pretty. Rebecca in Season One should have been out four or five rounds earlier. Tyra won, but she can’t speak. Just curious how she is supposed to host a show.

    Shangela I’m assuming they kept on because she was a trouble maker, because even on TV you could see the mess going on there.

  • lizcivious

    Trade Willam for Mimi Imfirst/wurst, please. If not Willam, then Ongina, Tatiana, Princess, Delta Werk–many others would be preferable to Mimi. Maybe some of the girls had other commitments and couldn’t participate.

  • mgreehan

    Team Jujubee here!!! Can’t wait to watch this insanityyyyy!!!

  • Cam


    What you don’t want a spastic drama queen freaking out and bursting into tears at the drop of a hat? ;)

  • Bluebird

    I quite like this lineup, even though many people are saying that there is a bias towards pretty/pageant-y. Other than Tammie and Mimi, all the other contestants that are coming back are really strong. I’m not sure why there is hate when most of them are legit, anyways.

    That said, Team Manila/Jujubee! I can totally see a gang up on Raven. Beezy better watch her back.

  • LuLu

    Asians, and sometimes even caucasians, don’t stand a chance on this show. I’m sick of quality asian contenders being overlooked. Ru seems like she gets who she wants

  • hamoboy

    @LuLu: Citation Needed.

  • Tiger

    Ru is just gonna pick the black one. Just watch.

  • hamoboy

    @Tiger: IKR? Like how black queens won all four seasons! That gosh darned RuPaul!

  • Coop

    @JohnnyBoy: Oh may God, when will it stop being a Black and White issue with people, have you not noticed Rupaul is black, don’t think she a bigot. So sick of this crap, why as a community can we not just be a community and leave the black/white/asian/jewish/handicap/ whatever to the straight people?

  • Michael

    I know Mimi and she’s getting a really bad rap. I also know Milan and it’s astonishing how she just took a complete nose dive in the competition. When I met Sharon Needles we had a quick conversation about it and, she’s right, while they can edit the film they can’t make the shite up.

    Personally, I almost view the show as a curse since the people I’ve known that have gone on it were completely devastated after doing so.

    It’s a shame Willam isn’t on the program but if anyone buys the reason given as to why he was kicked off the show I’ve got a really good deal on a lease for the Manhattan bridge.

  • Dave Covey

    I will be watching ! But I also want to put a plug in for Miss Something Something from New York.
    The most FAB drag queen in the world ! Ru……….track her down and sign her up !

  • Ken

    @Triple S: Both JuJu Bee (laotian) and Manila (philipino) are asian!

  • realgay

    When it comes to the winner of the entire season RuPaul gets it right. There are a couple decisions I disagree with however I think the judging is fair and accurate. I am white, btw. I agree with another poster, Tyra Sanchez within the last year has gotten worse. Why? Is it because he gained full custody of his son and no longer has the time to prepare? Drag Queens usually preform in nightclubs and I think the contestants that haven’t won like Yara Sofia, Chad Michaels, and Morgan McMichaels are superior performers. Those are the performers I want to see live. Sharon Needles is a great talker and hilarious.

  • Valentino

    Team Yara Sofia :)

  • MSquare

    J E S S I C A
    W I L D
    ! ! !

  • Luis Taveras


  • Brent

    Mimi Imfurst for the win!!!!

  • massprince

    good move to gain ratings, the last 2 seasons were cheesy and boring.

  • massprince



  • massprince

    bring back Rebecca, he’s gorgeous both as a man and a woman.

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