Vandals Helpfully Suggest That Columbus, OH Gay Couple “Move Or Die”

On Friday morning, David Koch and his partner of 25 years awoke to find the helpful message “Move or Die Faggots” spray-painted on the condo where they’ve lived for almost 15 years. Now Koch is afraid that some weirdo is either gonna kill them or feed their dog poisoned hamburger meat. He suspects the vandalism has something to do with a “heated” condo association meeting he attended the night before—but no word as to why he thinks so. But as police investigate the vandalism as a possible hate crime, the only upside is that the vandals at least spelled the words correctly.

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  • timncguy

    The vandals may have spelled the words right. But, what’s up with your use of the term “hamburger meat”? Do you also eat pork meat, chicken meat, veal meat, ham meat, turkey meat, steak meat, prime rib meat etc, etc, etc?

  • Hyhybt

    @timncguy: “Hamburger” by itself could (and usually does) refer to a type of sandwich. Adding “meat” specifies that you mean the kind of meat that is central to that sandwich rather than the sandwich itself.

  • Dave

    @timncguy: It’s also a regionalism, similar to “pop,” “soda,” or “Coke” for “carbonated beverage”. Federal guidelines require it to be call “ground beef” or “ground meat” depending on content, but people call it various things depending on where they were raised and where they live. For comparison, hardly anyone refers to “bathroom tissue,” the industry standard term for “toilet paper”.

  • dcviper

    You know, it’s possible that the vandals mistook them for the Koch Brothers…

  • Jeremy

    @dcviper: Sarcasm is used to handle stupid people, because beating them up is illegal. Dumbass like you being sarcastic looks like “Emperor and his new clothes”. These people are nice, respectful and you mocking their appearance actually makes me want to give you an actual beating.

  • Larry

    gay people receive death threats and that morons commenting on queerty are the usual grammar police…plus 2 people rated it LOL and 2 rated it hot??? what empty headed dumb fucks we fags are

  • Larry

    gay people receive death threats and the morons commenting on queerty are the usual grammar police…plus 2 people rated it LOL and 2 rated it hot??? what empty headed dumb fucks we fags are

  • LandStander

    @Jeremy: He was not mocking their appearance at all. He was obviously talking about the name, David Koch, as in one of the Koch brothers…

  • dcviper

    @LandStander: You called it…

  • jeremyrain

    @LandStander: So you think saying that someone got beaten because they look like a particular person who you hate has no malice intention at all, you say? And comparing a gay senior couple to some rich Republicans is a way to express his sympathy?

  • heather

    how easy it is to forget the issue once someone types something incorrectly or something of no relation to the issue pisses one person off… we human beings are ridiculous.

  • Fie

    25 years? They don’t deserve that treatment. I live downtown, this is weird.

  • LandStander

    @jeremyrain: You *obviously* do not get it. There was absolutely nothing said about looks. Nobody said anyone looks like anyone else. Which is what I explained to you in my last comment, which you promptly disregarded and came with the same accusation. Quit trolling :-)

  • Jeremy

    @LandStander: I totally agree. I don’t get it at all. So why don’t you educate me, Mister? What is really the intention of that comment? Is that “flower and balloon” for the poor couple? @Fie: maybe I was taking way seriously for this. But I’m not pissed off because this guy wrote something inappropriate. I’m pissed off because his joke was perfectly stupid. That’s all.

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