WATCH: Openly Gay Actors Ian Mckellen And Derek Jacobi Play Openly Catty Lovers In “Vicious”

Get ready for a master class in shade when Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi star in the new British sitcom, Vicious, by Will & Grace writer and producer Gary Janetti.

McKellen and Jacobi — both openly gay and coincidentally, knights in the queen’s army — play an acerbic couple who have been together for 48 years, marking the first time either actor has appeared in a sitcom.

The show premieres on the U.K.’s largest commercial network, ITV, later this month and though it hasn’t been sold to America as yet, Janetti knows that stateside audiences love a world-class septuagenarian British thespian throwing shade at everyone.

“Downton Abbey is the biggest hit PBS has ever had,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.  “We all know what a British accent sounds like – we all watched Absolutely Fabulous – I think American audiences will go for this show and will watch it in its British form.”

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