WATCH: Openly Gay Actors Ian Mckellen And Derek Jacobi Play Openly Catty Lovers In “Vicious”

Get ready for a master class in shade when Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi star in the new British sitcom, Vicious, by Will & Grace writer and producer Gary Janetti.

McKellen and Jacobi — both openly gay and coincidentally, knights in the queen’s army — play an acerbic couple who have been together for 48 years, marking the first time either actor has appeared in a sitcom.

The show premieres on the U.K.’s largest commercial network, ITV, later this month and though it hasn’t been sold to America as yet, Janetti knows that stateside audiences love a world-class septuagenarian British thespian throwing shade at everyone.

“Downton Abbey is the biggest hit PBS has ever had,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.  “We all know what a British accent sounds like – we all watched Absolutely Fabulous – I think American audiences will go for this show and will watch it in its British form.”

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  • MK Ultra

    This looks like a great idea for a show. I’m definitely going to check it out.

  • Victor_in_PA

    I’d even be okay with it if they put it on Logo. It could be a big hit for Logo and could help get some good programming on that channel. I think it could be a big hit in the States in any case. Looks like a cute show even though I don’t like sitcoms.

  • Dionte

    Please let it come to the U.S., Netflix pick it up.

  • Dad4Abs

    I’d love to see it in the US. But what does “shade” mean in the narrative about the new show? Not familiar with that usage. Old guy here.

  • yaoming

    These are two of my favorite actors (no foolin’). Both are gay and everyone knows it, so was it really necessary to [email protected] it up so much? I guess I’m wondering if it’s any better when gay actors play gay stereotypes?

  • miniskull

    I was super duper excited when I saw McKellen and Jacobi on the title, but then those words “Will and Grace” just killed the buzz. From what I just watched, the jokes are just painful, they reek mediocre “American sitcoms”. Gary Janetti doesn’t even have the capacity to match the fabulousness of Ian McKellen’s finger nail.

  • AndrewIB

    Three wonderful actors, McKellan, Jacobi and De La Tour, a force to be reckoned with..You won’t find better ensemble playing in a British situation Comedy..I suspect this will be as good as Absolutely Fabulous if not surpass it in wit..Move over “Will and Grace”, here come McKellan and Jacobi the real Queens, both of them members past and present of the RSC and the National Theatre and both honoured with titles for their services to theatre and film.

  • sfbeast

    Looking forward to it, but I hope the writing stays clever. Hard to tell. Might be somewhere between Ab Fab and Are You Being Served?.

  • gppm1103


    You can watch all British television at home. It is not expensive. I believe the monthly charge is about $25.00, after the install.

    Check it out!

  • Kieran

    All they need now is hire Rip Taylor and Jerry Lewis and call it the “Golden Boys”.

  • wiccabasket

    @yaoming: I don’t think either of them are ‘fagging it up’ any more than they normally would. I’m looking forward to it – Derek Jacobi is a delight.

  • Fidelio

    Holy shit balls! Logo should pick it up and make itself useful. The actors alone make it worthwhile.

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