No touching!

VIDEO: Melania Trump will stop at nothing to avoid holding her husband’s tiny hand

Another day, another video of totally awkward body language between Melania Trump and her husband.

Yesterday, the Trumps were seen walking across the White House lawn to a helicopter bound for Ohio.

Dressed in a banana yellow trench coat, Melania chose to wear the garment draped over her shoulders rather than putting her arms through the sleeves.

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When Donald, who was recently accused of cheating on her with a porn star shortly after Melania had given birth to their son, Barron, reached for his wife’s bejeweled hand, he was unable to find it, grasping at the open air.

Things got even more awkward when the couple then bumped into each other, resulting in the stoic first lady stiffening up like a board as her husband maneuvered around her.

People were quick to notice Melania’s swift hand-withdrawal technique:


Just two people in love, right?

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