Video Of “Angry, Militant” Pride Protest Surfaces, Shows Counterproductive Nonsense

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.25.48 PMVideo footage of the raucous protest that happened outside the Armory during San Francisco Pride has been released, providing more context to reports that several “militant” gay-shaming activists had been “wrongfully arrested” after partaking in what they described as a peaceful protest.

The protest began forming during the early hours of “Prison of Love,” a prison-themed circuit party presented by WE entertainment, hosted at the Armory building by Peter Acworth, the President and CEO of BDSM porn site Nearly a hundred DIY activists mobilized to express their discontent with the event after a blogger at Jezebel described it as “problematic,” claiming that it “trivialized” the LGBT incarceration rate and profited from “genocidal practices.”

Reports published on Monday following the event described a largely peaceful protest, save the handful of “militant” LGBT individuals who were arrested for violently assaulting security guards with metal objects via slingshot, throwing eggs at the building and bystanders, and spitting on the staff running the party’s entrance.

In the video below, protesters can be seen dragging barricades into the street to block traffic, violently arguing with security staff and perpetuating physical violence. “We’re here, we’re queer, we’ll fuck you up,” screams one incredibly angry woman.

Acworth published an open letter ahead of the protest, agreeing with the message of protesters and claiming that he had tried to soften the theme of the event in light of their concerns. He appears throughout the video below and confirms that and the Armory will not be pressing charges against anyone involved. Furthermore, he would like to meet with the dissent and find a more productive way to give the issue a voice.

Check out his message below: