Video Of “Angry, Militant” Pride Protest Surfaces, Shows Counterproductive Nonsense

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.25.48 PMVideo footage of the raucous protest that happened outside the Armory during San Francisco Pride has been released, providing more context to reports that several “militant” gay-shaming activists had been “wrongfully arrested” after partaking in what they described as a peaceful protest.

The protest began forming during the early hours of “Prison of Love,” a prison-themed circuit party presented by WE entertainment, hosted at the Armory building by Peter Acworth, the President and CEO of BDSM porn site Nearly a hundred DIY activists mobilized to express their discontent with the event after a blogger at Jezebel described it as “problematic,” claiming that it “trivialized” the LGBT incarceration rate and profited from “genocidal practices.”

Reports published on Monday following the event described a largely peaceful protest, save the handful of “militant” LGBT individuals who were arrested for violently assaulting security guards with metal objects via slingshot, throwing eggs at the building and bystanders, and spitting on the staff running the party’s entrance.

In the video below, protesters can be seen dragging barricades into the street to block traffic, violently arguing with security staff and perpetuating physical violence. “We’re here, we’re queer, we’ll fuck you up,” screams one incredibly angry woman.

Acworth published an open letter ahead of the protest, agreeing with the message of protesters and claiming that he had tried to soften the theme of the event in light of their concerns. He appears throughout the video below and confirms that and the Armory will not be pressing charges against anyone involved. Furthermore, he would like to meet with the dissent and find a more productive way to give the issue a voice.

Check out his message below:

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  • Kidomega123

    Weird. I don’t know that a “prison” theme for a party is a great idea; it doesn’t do anything to excite me personally. HOWEVER, I’m not understanding what protesting a circuit party is supposed to achieve. Do they spend an equal / greater amount of energy protesting actual prisons or the oppressors that place people in those prisons? If not, it would seem like a lot of misplaced anger. I dunno, maybe I’m missing out on something. LOL.

  • Ogre Magi

    What is wrong with these people?

  • BradT

    I don’t understand. It doesn’t interest me but prison themes are one of the oldest gay porn situational fantasies of all time. There have been films, magazine layouts, books, etc for decades on this fantasy. Not sure even what the protesters are protesting about. But why so angry? Look at the viciousness in some of their faces. Frankly, I’m tired of any group that wants to shut down the free speech, right of free association or free expression of any other group. Why does their right of free speech trump mine? They might have been taken more seriously if they hadn’t threatened violence and then followed through with assaults.

  • hex0

    Just a bunch of liberal homophobic airheads, if you take to protesting gay men’s kink parties you should find something better to do with your life.

  • bobbyjoe

    I hate that Acworth talks about trying to “soften” the event in light of these hateful nincompoops. Maybe he ought to have instead re-focused it on the issue of homophobic women doing everything they can to disrupt a gay men’s event, which is what this is really about. Rule # 1: don’t negotiate with homophobes or terrorists.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Kidomega123: Good and very valid point…No ….no they do not spend time doing anything about actual bigotry, unfair laws and treatment of LGBTQ behind bars…..that takes intelligence, reasoning skills and actual commitment to a cause you can’t be drunk or high as a kite or act violently towards!

    I’m surprised and impressed that Acworth took the time and insight to release this video….lets see if he follows thru….lot’s of porn money could actually help the real discrimination issue here.

  • Teeth

    I also find the Prison theme VERY, VERY offensive. Having had patients who seroconverted during real rapes in real prisons, and spouses of gay guys who went to prison and were beaten to death for being queer. (Or queer seeming). That being said, a bunch of whiny white kids ruining someone’s party does nothing to educate people about how gross it is to eroticise prison.

  • RealityChuck

    It’s just so insane and counterproductive how mis-directed this world has become. The gay community uses imagery for many different reasons, bars are like dungeons, prisons, army, sports, all the things that have long been fantasy. It’s a fantasy people, a theme. Well don’t do a toga party, because that is portraying fraternities in a glamorous light and the hazing that they participate in. And we can’t do a dog pound party, because of the inhumanity that dogs suffer. We can’t do an ice cream and candy party because then we are once again pedophiles. We can’t do a prom theme because there are so many proms across the country that don’t allow same sex couples to attend prom. No circus theme, they beat elephants. We can’t do a peanut butter themed party because then we are mocking the old adage of girls who put peanut butter on their… you get the point. We can pick pick pick at anything. It’s the same way the God Hates Fags folks use a couple of misunderstood versus in the Bible to make people think we are abominations. FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY PEOPLE!!!! Protest prisons, and legislatures, and court houses. Make your voice heard about injustices. But this was purely a theme party, a fantasy, a celebration – not of prison and what it stands for – but of fantasy and kink. I don’t know if these people were angry lesbians, straight people, gays who think they are above certain scenes – whatever, the point is, your anger is so mis-directed. And though you were expressing freedom of speech rightfully so, you also were doing it with poor choices that could land you in jail, where you possibly would be wrongly held or mistreated, the very scorn behind your protest. Maybe the brownies are getting too strong.

  • seaguy

    These protesters are the gay version of anarchists and to me they are gay domestic terrorists. What gives them the right to attack and disrupt a private party that they don’t like the theme of. This is not North Korea this is America the land of the free except for criminals like these people who are in prison and if they really cared so much about prisoners they would be doing things to help them not violently protesting a pride party.

  • Ogre Magi

    Were these protesters even gay?

  • Kidomega123

    @Ogre Magi: Yes they are gay. Their signs read “Queers 4 Abolition”; they probably think they are making a profound statement on justice and incarceration in the United States; But really they’re just wasting time protesting a party that had the misfortune of choosing a lousy theme.

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