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Want To Have Safe Sex in Venezuela? It’s Gonna Cost You

gays-condomsIf you have any Venezuelans on your gift list this year, you might want to consider shipping them some Trojans.

The Associated Press reports that condoms are the latest casualty of Venezuela’s mounting economic crisis. Though they were once easily accessible, the article states, the beginning of 2015 saw condoms added to the list of harder-to-find items — a list that, sadly, also includes cleaning products and many food items.

Which is a concern to public health workers since the country is already battling large numbers of HIV infection and teen pregnancy.

While condoms are evidently not impossible to find, they’re not cheap. For example, on Monday, a Craigslist-type site was offering a box of 24 Durex for the equivalent of US $317. Other black market sources are said to be selling them for US $10 a pop.

It seems the pro-condom slogan of the 1990s — “I’ll do a lot for love, but I’m not willing to die for it” — has been replaced with “I want to get my rocks off, but I’m not willing to go bankrupt for it.”

Maybe the New York City bomb squad can help by sending some of the condoms they mistook for an explosive device last month.