Queerie Olde England

Want Your Gay TV? Look Across the Pond


Sometimes it seems like things are better in the UK. They’ve got free health care, the drinking age is 18, and their cute accents add a patina of class of everything. And add to that heady mix the fact that their television is much, much gayer than ours.

While for years we’ve had to satiate ourselves on the occasional tossed bone of a very special coming out episode, a chaste kiss here and there, and maybe some bimbo on The O.C. flirting with lesbianism during sweeps, the United Kingdom has plunged into the deep end of gay-inclusive television. And rather than just cordon off a show or two exclusively for the gays, these limey ’mos are integrated into programming in such a natural, matter-of-fact way it would make GLAAD soil its trousers. So join us for the very best of queer TV from this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this gay, gay, gay England.