WATCH: “American Horror Story” Gets A Bitchy Drag Makeover

White Witch Stevie Nicks will finally make her hotly-anticipated cameo appearance on tonight’s American Horror Story: Coven and we couldn’t be more excited. Seriously. We’re dying. We’ve been dying for almost a month now. So many questions have been left unanswered:

What will become of Madame Lalaurie’s bodiless head?

Is Queenie dead from that self-inflicted gunshot wound, or will she bounce back to life like she always does?

Will Fiona and Marie Laveau finally put their differences aside?

Oh, and who the hell is the new Supreme?!

To help get us in the mood for tonight’s episode, actor/funny guy/drag performer Brandon Alter and friends have just released a spoof on the hit FX show. Behold, American Her Story: Bitchden. 

Supreme Bitch Brandonna Bad runs a school for “bitchcraft” and “bitchery.” She takes a group of formidable young bitches to a hair salon for a “stare off” because — well — why not?

Check out the video below.