WATCH: Boston Boys Serve “Work Bitch!” To Britney

Finally there’s a new Britney Spears video we can get behind. Weeks after the dance-challenged pop star released her clip for “Work Bitch,” a Queerty reader alerted us to the Boys of Boston, a group of men who play flag football in Bean Town, who really show her how it’s done. Maybe next time Britney should leave the heavy lifting to these guys.

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  • StopThePretension

    Gender bias much? Queerty has jumped shark with their Britney-bashing “bloggers”! I guess because you are all Grindr skanks who can’t watch anything without MALE homoeroticism, this pack of half-naked jocks moving around like wet fish in slow motion must be just what your trouser snakes ordered. Props to these guys for putting it all out there and trying their best, but they are NOT dancers. Their musicality is average at best and the choreography was about 2 steps behind or more…reminiscent of Gaga. A for effort!!! Plus that lip-syncing would make Rupaul say SASHAY AWAY HUNTY! Pump the brakes on the Britney-hating bandwagon; you’re officially lost in the world of delusion.

  • QuintoLover

    That… was disturbing.

  • Christopher22

    Good direction and editing. Like the song, but don’t see what the big deal for Ms Spears is. Sounds like just anyone who can carry a tune can fill in for her. Where’s the signature sound of a true superstar?

  • Scribe38

    I can’t understand what anyone could have against this… Just a few guys having fun with an artist’s song that they obliviously enjoy. At least some of the guys are gay, if not all. It made me smile. IT’s just YOUTUBE people relax and take the stick out of your butt.

  • jls525it

    Pretentious much? Hilarious. Looks like some fellas that had a good time shaking their groove thang. And kudos to the Brotha Man that werkkked it in those pumps too! I liked the diversity shown here in this group of men, not a bunch of skinny bitches.

  • Kangol

    You betta work, Boston!

    (And having lived in Boston years ago, I’m extremely pleased to see the range of men participating in this video. Work, Boston!)

  • Rockery

    It was fun, I liked the close ups and lip sync

    The dancing is not any better than Britney’s, take that however you want to.

  • MK Ultra

    I liked it.

  • Stache1

    I know this is Queerty and you’ll always have the full time “bitch about everything” ones but that comes as close to diversity as you’re going to get. Straight, gay, multi racial, etc. That was fun and they did a great job.

  • Aaron

    An opportunity for self-indulgence. Haha.

  • stanhope

    You better have fun bitch. It was a fun video. I too liked that it wasn’t all one type of guy. There is no deeper analysis than that required so lighten up cows.

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