WATCH: Boston Gays Debut Rhyming Chant for Joe Biden

The queers in Boston were out and about yesterday near Fenway Park, protesting a Joe Biden-hosted DNC fundraiser that’s, like, a prelude to tomorrow night’s big GLBT fundraiser in D.C. The vice president didn’t address the demonstrators, but that’s to be expected. Too bad, too, because Biden could’ve brought up the rear of their really cute cheer: “We’ll remember in November, end DOMA now.” (Video via)

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  • Bri

    Too bad more people weren’t there. It’s Boston, you’d think more would show up.

  • Ryan

    There were more later. I’d say at the largest there were about 40. It was a rainy day out and 4:30 in the afternoon, when many were still at work. Not so coincidentally, the size grew when people got out of work, a little after 5.

    Trust me, the people going inside were annoyed. If we do this at every DNC fundraiser — the drip, drip, drip approach — it’s more effective than just one big rally or march. 30-50 people constantly demanding their rights and putting people on film as they go inside and fund the DNC before it keeps its promises *will* have an impact.

  • Bitch, Please!

    Takes me back to the intricacies involved with the police and the law while doing these demonstrations. Gays, take part in these demonstrations. Not only will you get a non-toxic high from doing something positive and worthwhile for the community, but you will meet CUTE guys who actually possess some intelligence. And, for some of us, that is an intoxicating combination.

  • Alex

    I nearly died when the person driving the car I was in drove the wrong way down that street and nearly hit a cab.

    @Bri: The population of Boston more or less halves during the summer, and the activist class is especially absent.

  • Bri

    @Alex: Oh I see – because college lets out and everyone goes home. Hm. Maybe I’ll move to Boston one day, when I can get out of this cow town.

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