WATCH: Cher Performs With Her Mother On “Ellen”

Now we know where Cher got those magnificent cheekbones (nudge, nudge). The icon appeared with her still-gorgeous mother Georgia Holt on Ellen to promote their new documentary and perform lip-sync a duet.

Cher has produced an hour-long TV special about her six-times-wed mother and her rather unorthodox life (even by Cher’s standards) titled Dear Mom, Love Cher, which will air on Lifetime on Mother’s Day.

The 86-year-old Holt has also just released her first album, the appropriately-titled Honky Tonk Woman, three decades after she shoved a suitcase full of the tapes of songs she’d recorded into her garage. Mother and daughter took to Ellen’s stage for a rendition of “I’m Just Your Yesterday,” one of the songs on it. To help explain the lip-syncing snafu, Cher later tweeted that her mother had just recovered from a nasty bout of pneumonia before the taping.

Don’t give up the dream, folks.