A Shocking Twist

WATCH: Danell Leyva Interrupts His Gymnastic Routine To Perform Surprise Striptease

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.52.10 PM“This was not part of his Olympic routine,” barks an almost satirically stern NBC Sports announcer as Team U.S.A’s Danell Leyva strips off the top of portion of his leotard, pulling it down to his waist.

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After having scored silver medals in both high bar and parallel bars, Leyva decided to have a bit of impromptu fun, performing a section of his routine shirtless at the post-competition gala. (Stakes are low considering his plan to retire and pursue a career in acting.)

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Liberated from his leotard, he performs an acrobatic succession of flips, twists, and turns to Pitball’s “Fireball.” The audience goes to pieces, and who can blame them?

Watch an excerpt of the routine below, courtesy of NBC Sports. 


The fact that NBC anxiously cuts away in the middle of the routine — “What if he goes the whole hog…?!” — is annoying (and in line with their overall Olympic coverage this year), but you can watch the full routine HERE, courtesy of Yahoo Australia.

And while you’re at it, enjoy this equally involved routine from the Ukraine’s equally hot gymnast Oleg Verniaiev. Yes, he’s shirtless, too:


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