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  • El

    From we’ve learned ‘gaydar’ is not all based on appearance, the is another component…

  • QJ201

    I dunno, put a dick in his mouth and let’s see.

    And they all look gay…like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Fratmen, etc. gay.

  • tardis

    Cool video…awkward as hell!

  • yaoming

    He seemed to encounter a high percentage of gays.

  • indigofem1

    I’m a lesbian femme…my entire life guys tried to pick-me up and after hearing that I’m a lesbian they said that I don’t “look” like a lesbian…for years I didn’t know what it meant…lesbians – and gays – aren’t an ethnic group…we come in all kinds…then another lesbian told me that her girlfriend, also a femme, got the same “you don’t look like a lesbian’…she explained that straight people think that all lesbians are butch…ridiculous thing to think, but there you have it…for some reason lipstick lesbians aren’t considered “lesbian” enough…

  • Katbox

    @El: It’s called grindr.
    @indigofem1: So gay women DO come to this site. Interesting…

  • Aaron

    NO DISRESPECT whatsoever, MarkE is an attractive and humorous YouTube personality, but I think he’s over-accentuating his voice and straight? persona. I think this video is more about him congratulating himself on not coming across as feminine while seeking validation from random straight men.

  • gymmuscleboy

    @Aaron: I think you hit the nail on the head

  • esrose

    Yes, yes, yes. And what does that mean anyway? I really find this offensive. First of all, if he is trying to look butch as some suggest, it isn’t working. Second, what is this all about? Try again. Does he look gay? No, no, no. Try that one on. If you can slightly adjust your eyes, he looks like a nice young man asking a weird question. It is very very awkward. I can “make someone look gay” with my head in an instant. I would guess that there are now a lot more people watching guys to see if they are gay or not.

  • iMort

    Excuse me but as an older gay man I feel that the line between gay and heterosexual has become so blurred as not to matter anymore. I think that we must accept the fact that humans evolve. To me most young people seem gay. Good or bad i do not care. Forget labels and just be yourself. My gaydar went on the fritz 15 years ago and I love it. Bless you all.

  • iMort

    Oh yea. Who cares. He is too cute. Great babies or a sweet lover. It is all good.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Love the fact that these young kids don’t seem to care if someone’s gay and are quite cool with it.

    Love the fact that these young kids are coming out so young…and are secure in themselves.

    Amazing how far we’ve come in 20 – 25 years…

  • Stache1

    @Aaron: I’ve watched his other videos and I didn’t detect any over compensating that you refer too. Get him drunk with some of his less the masculine freinds and that might change though.

  • nephilim71

    This is so lame…what difference does it make if others think you look “gay” or “straight?” Perception is relative.

  • Mark

    There’s a softness, a prettiness, a well-groomedness there, plus of course the HUGE need for affirmation as a male. That spells gay.

  • Mark

    “Based on my narcissism, do I seem gay to you?”

  • Lazycrockett

    Its like asking does this make me look fat to a complete stranger, who’s gonna say yes?

  • yaoming

    Maybe he should have asked: “Do I look straight to you?”
    I guess he still can.

  • SFHarry

    This video goes on too long. I stopped 80% through it. I sort of felt like he was trying to confirm that he doesn’t look gay which I found offensive after a while. It felt like the interviewees really could care less and he was so proud to reveal the “shocking” truth that he actually is gay. So what if he did look gay. There is nothing wrong with looking gay.

  • Bozen

    “Does this guy look gay to you?”
    Yes. Look at his body language and eyes.

    “Do people look gay?”
    Yes, some more-so than others.

    “Do they dress gay?”
    Yes, some more-so than others.

    “Do straight people have gaydar?”
    Yes, some more-so than others.

  • John Harper Jr.

    I said “GAY” to myself a few seconds into the video.

  • balehead

    This is more about self promotion than the issue…..

  • Miss Understood

    I don’t get it, I thought he seemed very gay. Not Richard Simmons gay, but gay. My first assumption upon meeting him would definitely be gay. Nope, I’m not always right, but usually when I’m wrong it’s because They’re European.n We’re trained in American Mannerisms, foreigners from almost any countries can accidentally set of my gaydar.

  • gaypikachu

    this guy really loves himself

  • indigofem1

    I don’t know if other women come to this site…but I take offense at the “gay” term…I prefer to call myself “lesbian”…

  • indigofem1

    OMG…one’s gaydar can quit??? Tell me it’s not true…

  • crowebobby

    Okay, I’m prepared to be torn apart for this, but I think he looks gay simply because of the softness of his expression at all times — it’s somehow different than timidness or gentleness or femininity: he looks totally submissive to me (and I don’t mean sexually). I’m not saying all gays have this quality or it’s a negative quality,just that to me he has it and I would assume he’s gay no matter what he was wearing or how he was groomed.

  • viveutvivas

    It’s like someone saying to a black person they don’t sound black and intending that as a compliment. Clueless.

  • Dxley

    What’s to “look gay”? And fuck! We have girls in here? -______________-

  • jmmartin

    People only look gay if you want them to be.

  • Rockery


    Exactly. This exercise is pointless other than to make himself feel great for qualifying for “straight-acting” . He is a disgrace



    Most people will not say yes even if they think it, especially when they see a camera is recording them. A better way to find out is to have him far away just doing something regular and have someone else from a distance ask “do you think this guy over there is straight or gay” it’s not perfect but I’m sure he would have got a lot more gay responses that way (but we know he isn’t trying to actually get data, this is just self glorifying and more so self PROMOTION)

  • indigofem1

    YUP!!! You sure do!!!

  • Jason b.

    This is the second video from this guy that I attempted to watch through till the end, but for the second time I find something icky about the way it was done. Can’t put my finger on it but I suspect it’s the lone approach that makes it so self serving for its creator. I love good sociological experiments, polls or situational scenarios using real people. If he would have had a separate person filming and at least one other guy with a different look to take some of the spotlight off the main guy it would have been more interesting. However, as it stands the self promotion and his pride in his ability to fool folks is on the verge of a quiet dis-approval of more obvious gay attributes or stereotypes.

    He is pretty to look at so he needs to improve his technique so that people can tolerate his material.

  • GeriHew

    @indigofem1: “Gay” is a non-gender specific term; “lesbian” is.

    However with regard to identifying sexual orientation the term “lesbian” is somewhat less specific than the term “gay” the way most people use it.

    Also with regard to men hitting on you, the word lesbian turns a lot of men on and piques their interest. The term “gay woman” generally doesn’t.

  • the other Greg

    They all look gay to me. But he says right at the beginning of the video, “I’m not here to entertain you guys.” That’s for sure!

  • Thomas

    @Jason b.: I’m similarly uncomfortable when watching these ‘vloggers’ try to do anything requiring more than middle-school intellectual curiosity. Their ego ultimately obfuscates the complexity of the question they set out to address, and it all boils down to some self-referential anecdotes and self-confirming biases. If he’s “not here to entertain you guys” then what is he trying to do? If he think he’s going to educate us then he’s doing a pretty terrible job at it.

    He’s pretty. But that makes him as utilitarian as an adult film actor to me.

  • indigofem1

    Point taken…I’m European and in my country the word “lesbian” is an insult…when I speak my native language I call myself “gay”…as far as lesbians turning men on…you’re definitely right about that…except men don’t know I’m a lesbian…according to straight people I don’t “look” like one…go figure…

  • sportsguy1983

    He should ask people if he looks like a d-bag looking for attention.

  • Curtispsf

    He should have just asked “Hey, would it be OK if I sucked your dick right now?” That would have yielded more “GAY” answers.

  • baggins435

    There were 6 kids in my family; the three oldest of us are gay. My next younger brother was the first to come out back in the mid 80’s. I used to visit him a lot when he lived in another state. He would have his friends over and they constantly tried to tease and embarrass me with over-the-top flirting and innuendo. They were always surprised to find out I was also gay. In the 90’s I was working on a government project overseas and it turned out that out of 100 employees for my company, more than 10 were gay/lesbian, and 20 were left handed. They were also surprised to find out I was gay. I have never felt I acted any particular way. I never played sports, but we all grew up fixing cars and helping dad with repairs and projects. We all use power tools and can build most construction type projects. I live in Utah right now and the first thing I learned was this game called “Are they gay or Mormon?” Of course, the gay bars are crowded every night of the General Conference the Mormons have twice a year in Salt Lake City, so the game probably should be “Are they out or closeted?” Most of the guys who hit on me seem to be married. My gaydar sucks, so I quit trying to guess many years ago.

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