Straight Talk

WATCH: Dolly Parton speaks about her queer fans…to Queerty!


We meet Dolly Parton–actress, musical legend and queer icon–in the purple-trimmed suite at the DreamMore Resort just outside her theme park, Dollywood.

Normally this kind of interview, not to mention the trip it involved, would have us anxious and exhausted. Yet Ms. Parton has a habit of disarming anyone. Meeting her feels like meeting an old friend. “I have a brother named David!,” she chirps.

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The occasion: the world premiere of Parton’s new Netflix series, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, a series of mini-movies based on her life and music. Dolly introduces each episode herself, produces, and turns up to show off her acting chops as well. The series debuts on Netflix November 22.

We were thrilled to score some time with the grande dame herself just ahead of the red carpet premiere for a little chat.