WATCH: Emotionally-Charged PSA Illustrates Violence Against Gays in Russia

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, social media strategists Kevin Dolan and Joe Babarsky have teamed with a group of LGBT activists to raise awareness of Russia’s “gay propaganda” laws.

(We Are) #GayPropaganda seeks to reclaim the term “gay propaganda” by using it to unite people in the international gay community and provide education, support, and empowerment to LGBT people and their allies.

They just released an emotionally-charged PSA calling for people to “Be the antidote to hate. Join the movement.” Supporters are being asked to use the hashtag #GayPropaganda to help spread the word and show a sign of solidarity for those suffering under Russian’s homophobic laws.

Clay Pruitt, a member of the group and a producer of the video, spoke to Queerty about the clip.

“With this PSA, and the other two in the series, we hope to educate by putting a human face on the atrocities that LGBT people are facing,” Pruett said. He added the group also wants to “support those individuals by showing that we are paying attention and empower the LGBT community and its allies to use #GayPropaganda as a tool to unify our voices across social platforms in opposition to such treatment.”

See the moving video below.