Mary Me

WATCH: Eurovision Fans Turn Finland’s 2013 Entry Into Campy Gay Marriage Ad

While American eyes (or still some of them, at least) have been busy watching the American Idol finals this week, Europe has become fixated on its annual over-the-top campfest known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tomorrow we’ll bring you a juicy preview of Saturday’s final, but meanwhile we wanted to whet your appetite with this parody video made by Eurovision fans from across the continent, turning Finland’s entry “Marry Me” into a comical ad for marriage equality. (The song is sung by Krista Siegfrids, who makes a cameo at the video’s tail end, carrying a life-size Justin Bieber cutout.)

The video, which opens with a “traditional” groom leaving his bride at the altar for reasons that soon become obvious, has already racked up nearly 175,000 hits – interestingly, gaining quickly on the count of the song’s official video.

“Marry Me” will compete in tonight’s second Eurovision semifinal, watchable online here beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.