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WATCH: Harry Styles helps a fan come out during London show

Harry Styles waves a rainbow flat at Wembley Stadium
Harry Styles waves a rainbow flat at Wembley Stadium (Photo: YouTube)

Former One Direction star Harry Styles is currently in the middle of his Love On Tour jaunt around the globe. It follows him hitting the top spot in the US and several other countries around the world with his Harry’s House album.

On Sunday (June 19) he performed at Wembley Stadium in London to an audience of around 90,000. At one moment in the show, Styles took a sign from someone in the crowd asking if he could help the sign-maker to come out.

What happened next was caught on video. Styles, 28, read the sign and asked the audience if they’d all help the fan to come out.

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The sign said, ‘From Ono to Wembley: Help me come out.’ On the back was written the name Mattia.

Styles grabbed a rainbow flag and said that when he raised it above his head, Mattia would be “officially gay my boy.”

Styles then teased raising it to a certain height, but not quite above his head. He then hoisted it high, to cheers from the crowd, and said, “Congratulations Mattia you are a free man.”

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This is not the first time Styles has helped a fan to come out during a concert. In 2018, in San Jose, Texas, another fan held up a sign stating she planned to come out to her parents. Styles asked her about the sign and where her parents are. When the young woman, Grace, said her mom Tina was waiting for her in a hotel, Styles hushed the crowd and yelled, “Tina, she’s gay!”

The fan later played a video of the incident to her mom, who was overjoyed by the exchange and supportive of her daughter.

Here’s hoping Mattia gets the same love and support from those closest to him!

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