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  • timncguy

    Matt reports here that the “polls” don’t look good in NC. But, he ignores the most recent poll that was published from Elon University showing that 54% of North Carolinians OPPOSE the amendment. A clear majority OPPOSE this anti-gay amendment

    What we in NC need is for people to accurately report what is going on here. We don’t NEED need Debbie Downers acting like we don’t have a chance to succeed. We need people to know that we can succeed and we need money to get our message on TV to do battle with NOM.

    At every point in this process when people are made aware of just how far this amendment goes in addition to just banning marriage they OPPOSE it. NOM will be here on TV with all their lies. WE need to be able to counter that with the truth.

    If people like Matt don’t report the good news, then people don’t get the message that a donation would be money well spent.

  • Steven

    timncguy – The Elon poll you cite is not accurate at all. It doesn’t even ask about the proposal that is actually on the ballot. Nor does it poll registered or likely voters, but all state residents.

    I used to attend Elon, and their polling is conducted by students who don’t give a damn about the accuracy of the results, but just want their $40 paycheck they get for spending time on the poll.

    EVERY other polling organization shows the amendment passing by about 60%, so you should probably stop picking and choosing the one poll you happen to like when it is clearly the wrong one. This amendment is going to pass, sadly, and there is nothing we can really do about it. Giving people false hope and pointing to faulty surveys is not going to change the result on May 8.

  • matt baume

    I think there are a lot of interesting things to be said about the Amendment One campaign, and will just leave it there for now.

  • Eric

    @timncguy: The 54% who say they support same sex marriage will not show up at the polls in November. There is a big difference between a poll of support and registered voters and even actual voters. Even with a large black turn out the amendment will pass as a large percent of the black vote is brainwashed by the Baptist Church as we saw in CA. I lived in NC during the 2008 election and believe or not, I ran in to a lot of African Americans that think President Obama is Muslim.

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