WATCH: Jason Russell’s Speech At Liberty University Is Gayer Than A Purse Full Of Rainbow-Colored Penises

Back in November, months before he went on a bizarre naked rampage on the streets of San Diego, happily married Invisible Children founder Jason Russell spoke to the flock at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. (Still think there’s no connection between Kony 2012 and right-wing fundamentalists?)

We’re not gonna say Russell comes off gay in this clip—mainly because we don’t have to: Russell pretty much outs himself with his slow-leak sibilant esses and talk of “making Hollywood musicals like Moulin Rouge and Chicago and Hairspray.”

Even weirder than the obvious gay undertones here is how casually Russell makes humorous asides about genocide in Africa. There’s something seriously off with this guy.

Of course, we’d say that about anyone who’d set foot on Liberty University.