WATCH: Justin Bieber Drops Smartphone On His Genitals, Fans Go Wild

(Peengate 2013 begins around 1:15)

Pop diva Justin Bieber dealt a major blow to his already-tarnished image on Tuesday, when his “Believe” tour made a stop at Newark, NJ’s Prudential Center.

The 19-year-old reportedly “sang” and “danced” for a crowd of hyperventilating female tweens that were mostly loud well mannered, save the few disrespectful ladies in the front row that began tossing objects onto the stage.

Things must have been really crazy, because somewhere between “Ooh Girl I Love You” and “Ooh Girl Give Me A Kiss,” Justin stopped the concert to ask fans to refrain from throwing things on stage. And with that, one brave soul threw an iPhone directly at him.

Maybe not the best idea, but it provided great entertainment as the star pulled the waistband of his deep-crotch leather leggings out and dropped the phone down onto his genitals. He then walked around in a circle, and hurled the phone into the hands of a different fan altogether.

Apparently people throw phones on stage because the Beebs has been known to take selfies with rogue phones. “I’ll never do that again so don’t try it,” he told Tuesday’s crowd.

This is why we can’t have nice things.