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  • QJ201

    Kathy gets better every week.

  • Matt

    Kathy Griffin does not really care about LGBT people or our rights and equality. Instead she just wants to use us as a way to make money, promote her not so funny brand of “comedy”, and she’s a media whore.

  • Ray


    I’m sorry, but that’s not true. Whatever faults you may find with Kathy Griffin, she has been a consistent political ally for LGBT rights. She has openly critiqued the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann for their bigotry. Kathy has also donated her salary for shows towards LGBT rooted organizations like the Trevor Project. In comparison to many other so-called heterosexual allies, Kathy has put herself out there on behalf of LGBT communities in more significant ways.

    That said, yes, I find it offensive whenever she pushes the “my gays” dialogue. And while done out of love I assume, peddling her mother for sympathy (and money) is a bit distasteful as well. Obviously the way for her to stay relevant is to be in the media spotlight in a very aggressive manner, which can be off-putting to many. But she’s transparent about this and makes no apologies for how she earns her living.

    But to say she doesn’t care about LGBT rights is frankly wrong. She’s been a good ally and deserves recognition as such.

  • Barca

    @Matt: And your proof is? Kathy is amazing, sounds like you’re 1-jealous, 2-a hater, 3-bitter nelly because she is doing the same comedy you’re done. Her tv show IS getting better and better, and it was hilarious the first week!

  • Bill

    Kathy Griffin is a dumb cu nt and doesn’t care about LGBT people. I cringe when I hear “Her gays” BS.

  • Lefty

    I realised Katy didn’t have a clue or genuine care for gay people when she thought she had the right to out people ie speculate about certain closeted celebrities.
    I’m sure she’s very funny – she must ahve told a funny joke at some point… right?

  • Tyler

    I agree with you Lefty, Griffin isn’t funny and the way she treats LGBT people as though we owe her something and that she’s an actual ally just shows how she’s a total phony. She can out all of these closet queens yet she’s apparently “Friends” with Anderson Cooper who refuses to come out and who lives in a glass closet.

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    When will this stupid stink fish STFU and go off the air? She’s never been funny and she does not care at all about LGBT people!

  • dirty ole man

    @Barca: and the rest of you idiots. I have seen that woman in action at the LA GayCenter. She is the genuine. My partner, I and bunch others worked with her on one project where we were pulling underage homeless gay kids off we ho streets and giving them a place to live.
    Just what have you done,donated or whatever?

  • Bimbo

    I can’t stand this bimbo either and I cringe when some stupid gays actually think this old hag actually gives a d&mn about them. And the “my gays” sh1t is so irritating, like we’re some sort of lap dogs.

    This gay is not a fan of hers.

  • LAFag

    Dirty Ole Man STFU that’s total BS. I’m actually actively involved here in LA and Kathy may have pretended to give a shit about us LGBT people but she only did that at the LGBT center for PR and media attention, and not because she actually cares about LGBT youth or homeless LGBT youth. If she actually did care she would have allowed homeless LGBT youth to live with her.

  • Denise

    Dirty donating money to a cause or an LGBT center or “Non profit org” does absolutely nothing to actually help LGBT people or the people who need it the most. It will however pay the bills, keep such centers and orgs running, and line the pockets of people who run centers and non-profit orgs.

    As for Griffin she’s vindictive, too bitchy, and I noticed how she’ll go on and on about “her gays” as though gay men are her lap dogs as someone else said but she says nothing about lesbians, trans people, or bisexuals. She’s not even funny.

  • James

    Loathe her.

  • Brandon

    Agreed James. She’s not funny, and doesn’t care about LGBT People or our rights but just wants to use us to self promote herself, stay in the fame/media spotlight, and the whole “My gays” BS annoys me too.

  • Daez

    The comments here reek of stupidity. You guys actually all believe that marketing yourself to gays is the way to be famous? Seriously? Yes, marketing yourself to 4% of the population is a great way to be famous. If Griffin actually wanted to get famous overnight she would have stoked the egos of the right wing lunatics, much like Sarah Palin did, not the gays.

  • nikko

    @Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Kathy has never been funny?! What?! Seriously, most of you anti-Kathy Queens need to take charge of your life and not expect a celebrity to give you meaning. Pathetic how fickle and backstabbing you(plural) homos are. Disgusting.

  • LadyL

    First things first: Kathy Griffin is one seriously funny woman and I love the way she just puts it out there. Maybe her brassy, unapologetic, up-yours-if-you-can’t-deal-with-it style is what some of you find so unforgivable, but to me that’s her strength. I love particularly her willingness to call bullshit on celebs long accustomed to being catered to and indulged. That alone keeps her in my cool books.
    That said, there are a few things about Mrs. Kathy about which I remain ambivalent:
    I get that she loves her mom, from whom she gets a lot of her moxie, but I wish Kathy would stick to just talking to audiences about their relationship rather than putting her mother on stage. Maggie Griffin doesn’t seem all that comfortable in her daughter’s spotlight and I’m uncomfortable watching her.
    I don’t know what to make of her friendship with Anderson “Keepin’ ‘Em Honest” Cooper, except to place it in the category of strange bedfellows. I mean, you’d think someone as outspoken about hypocrisy as Kathy is would have little patience with Cooper’s endless coyness, but notice when she talks about him she’s careful to avoid the obvious. I guess she just really likes the guy and is hoping he’ll come out… so that she can then razz him unmercifully about how long it took him to man up and do it. Personally, I can’t wait.
    Are we all being too sensitive about the “my gays” thing? I don’t know… I think she means it affectionately and her support is real, but yeah, sometimes it does grate.
    Bieber. She should talk about him more. Bieber’s embrace of thug culture, the better to be accepted as “real” or “street” or whatever it is he’s after, is too ridiculous for words. Granted, teen idoldom comes with an unforgiving expiration date, but there must be better ways to re-tool his image and expand his audience than for Justin Bieber to surround himself with spousal abusers, homophobes and closet cases. I mean, please.

  • DrewSF

    *Yawn* Kathy Griffin is annoying, unoriginal, not funny, and she’s not an ally to LGBT people but more of an embarrassment.

    It’s clear to myself and many other LGBT people that she doesn’t care about LGBT people or our rights but just wants to use us to make jokes and do her stupid “My gays” crap.

    She’s a total hypocrite anyway, outing closeted people yet she refuses to out Anderson “Closet queen” Cooper.

  • Lefty

    She also has the look of someone who secretly knows herself that she isn’t funny.

    A straight person who thinks they have the right to out anyone is both arrogant in the extreme, totally ignorant about the reasons why gay people are in the closet in the first place and clearly too stupid to realise either.

  • Phil

    Kathy Griffin isn’t funny at all. She belongs on the F-list and her millisecond of fame ended long ago. This woman is shrill, unfunny and HORRIBLE. er routines are getting tired.

    She’s been dishing about the same celebs for years now to the point of irrelevancy. In actuality, she’s befriended many of the same celebs that she used to ruthlessly trash.

    I agree with the way she outs closeted LGBT people yet hangs out with the biggest closet queen Anderson Cooper just shows how she’s homophobic/biphobic and a hypocrite.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @LAFag: Obviously, LAFag, you are not part of the Beverly Hills A-List-Got Bucks crowd. Lori Jean is constantly pushing for bucks to keep that place going at its high level. The A-List is not always high profile circle. What do you know?!

  • Kim

    Who has she outed?



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