WATCH: Lee Daniels Tells Arsenio About Growing Up Gay In The Ghetto, Forgiving His Abusive Father

A week before Oscar nominations are announced, Lee Daniels is still working hard to get some recognition for his hit drama The Butler. The director appeared as a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show last night and opened up to the host about the challenges of growing up gay in the ghetto.

Asked by Hall what it was like to come out of the closet, Daniels replied “there was never a closet.”

Daniels has spoken in the past about abuse he received from his father for being gay and told Hall that his dad never accepted his homosexuality before he died.

“He was embarrassed,” Daniels revealed, adding that doing research for The Butler helped him understand why. “He felt like a second-class citizen…what is this kid going to encounter? After doing The Butler and so much research I understood where his headset was at and I forgave him and I love him.”


Courtesy: The Arsenio Hall Show / Courtesy CBS Television Distribution