WATCH: Looking For Queer Identity In The Muslim World With “Both/And”

We’re trying out something new for 2012: Starting today, we’ll be posting a different short film every Friday (give or take). The hope is the shorts will spark conversation and be new, but we may also want to bring an unseen or classic gem to light. They may be gay-themed, by LGBT filmmakers or just strike a queer note in some way.

Today we’re screening Jamil Khoury’s short “both/and,” which explores the binary identities of American and Arab and Arab-American and gay. Khoury is the founder and artistic director of Silk Road Rising, a Chicago-based theater and video production company. His plays—including The Balancing Arab, Precious Stones and Azizati—often address Middle Eastern themes, as well as questions about culture, sexual orientation, national identity and class.

Is there a short you think should run on Film Fridays—either one you’ve seen or made yourself? If it’s SFW and on YouTube, Vimeo or can be embedded some other way, e-mail us the link and we’ll take a look. (Bribes will not be accepted—though we do like caramel popcorn.)