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WATCH: Michael Henry takes on problematic gays trying to co-opt Black Lives Matter

Never one to stay silent, comedian Michael Henry released a new video critical of self-absorbed gay men inclined to draw attention away from the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Henry enlists his friends Kornbread and Kevin McDonald for the sketch, which finds Henry and Kornbread encountering Trevor, a shirtless, who “doesn’t go east of La Brea.” The pair decide to confront Trevor about his tone-deaf Instagram posts, and his recent trip to Florida.

“Leaving one state under quarantine to go to another state just so you can party seems pretty tacky,” Kornbread observes.

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“It riles me so much when gay people’s priorities don’t shift when the world is crumbling,” Henry injects. “Get out of your WeHo bubble!”

“It’s performative, it’s insulting, and it comes across as inauthentic,” Kornbread replies.

Henry goes on to admit that he doesn’t always know the right thing to say or do, and that while he does get attention from his videos, he at least is bringing attention to the cause. Kornbread also suggests Trevor stop posting shirtless pictures of himself with Black Lives Matter signage.

It’s good advice. Watch the video to find out what Trevor did with a candy cane…