WATCH: New “Blurred Lines” Parody Video Stands Up For Women’s Rights

Even though the Robin Thicke “parody video” ship has sailed, it hasn’t stopped members of Full Frontal Freedom, a coalition of independent “anti-PAC” artists, from joining in the fun. This eclectic group of individuals want to “use [their] talent and creativity to raise awareness and enhance civil disobedience,” so they made a music video.

Of course they did:

“Thankfully, all the money in the world cannot buy votes.  We recognize that with creativity, innovation, passion and the power which comes from being on the right side of history, we can change hearts and minds in our favor.”

Inspired by the ladies of the Texas legislature and especially Wendy Davis, this “Blurred Lines” parody is a wet dream for women’s rights activists (and those who love watching male models undress) everywhere.

Here are some of the lyrics, courtesy of BuzzFeed:

Well she was getting close, called out on 3 infractions
The leaders faked the vote, got busted in the action
You’d like the chamber vacant
Let her speak!
When your cheatings blatant
Let her speak!
Can’t trust these men to make it
and you can’t…
…can’t silence us with women’s rights.
won’t sit and take it
won’t tolerate it
Can’t legislate it

These bills are dangerous
You say they save us
Your deceit amazes
instead they claim us
Cause these are women’s rights

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