WATCH: New Web Series On Gay Republicans, “The Log Jam”

Low taxes. Sharp suits. Crying while listening to Carrie Underwood in the Chik-Fil-A drive-through. Whatever your political persuasion, Gay Republicans make everything more fiscally sassy.

The Log Jam, a new web series created and written by gay Chicago-based comedian John Loos, has debuted on YouTube with episodes being released through early December.

The series follow three gay conservative lonelyhearts at a local gay Republican bar where owner and bartender Nancy Reagan offers stiff drinks and blunt advice. Arnold, played by Loos, is an unemployed former Blackwater security guard, Betsy (Becca Levine) is a power lesbian and finance guru, and Phil (Andy Eninger) is a CEO with a penchant for exotic fetishes as well as family values.

From Karl Rove-themed go-go dancers to billionaire dream dates, no part of the Republican experience is left unturned.

“I grew up very Republican,” says Loos. “But now that I’m out, I find the idea of being gay in today’s GOP to be a fascinating paradox of ideas.”

Using Chicago-based comedians, most of whom are LGBT, The Long Jam came to life with the help of director Ward Crockett, who directed the popular web series Completely Normal Activity, now in its second season. The series is produced by Pinque Pony, a sketch comedy duo consisting of Loos and his Log Jam costar and real-life boyfriend Andy Eninger.

Loos explains that he wanted The Log Jam to have endearing, likable characters that highlight the disparity between what we espouse and what affects us in our day-to-day lives.

“Whether we realize it or not, everyone supports things that are seemingly contrary to their best interests, or behaves in ways contrary to their beliefs,” says Loos. “Gay Republicans are perhaps one of the most visible of those groups, but certainly not the only one, on either side of the political spectrum.”

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  • jerry_pritikin

    Back in 1977, I was working on the campaign of Terrance Hallinan who was straight, a Lawyer and married and running against Harvey Milk and Gay Republican Kevin Wadsworth. Even though Harvey was both Openly gay and Jewish like myself, I endorsed Terry because I felt he was better qualified based on his Civil Right record of the 1960s, and defended G.I.s who did not want to return to the Vietnam War. He was also a resident of District 5, and active in neighborhood politics for 10 years. The “Gay newspaper,BAR” called me “Gays for Homophobia” and deleted several paragraphs in my letter to their editor,why I was supporting Terry. I used to go with Terry, when ever he spoke with both gay and straight political organizations.

    Hallinan was invited to meet with the Board of the Gay Young Republicans(Before they changed their name to LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS) to see where he stood on gay issues. I waited in a nearby room filled with mostly professional men,Real Estate and business owners. I happen to notice a young man who looked like the Young actor who played the writer who “smoked weed”in the movie “Peggy Sue Got Married”. It was shortly after 18 year olds got the right to vote. We were talking about little things(not about myself!)and non-political stuff when a 3rd person just walked up to us and declared “He just got talking to Jerry Pritikin, that turn coat gay who was trying to get Hallinan elected over their candidate Kevin Wadsworth,blah,blah blah and then I turned to the young man who I was talking to, and put out my hand to shake and introduced myself by name, and then turned to the other guy and said “What else did I have to say?” His face turned red and he walked away. So my love for Log Cabin members has not changed much since that time.

    I can assure you that Log-Cabin Gays,Jewish and Blacks Republicans have one thing in common…they are all rich!

  • the other Greg

    Chicago has more weird, eccentric gay bars than anywhere so I can almost imagine this being a real place.

  • biguy

    Chicago bar scene is the best

  • leliorisen

    Being a gay Republican would be comic if it weren’t so tragic. @leliorisen

  • brent

    What liberals don’t seem to get is that embracing the radical environmentalists they have made it diffucult for many gays. If you are let’s say a gay coal miner you have a choice between voting democrat and marriage or republican and you’re job. There are also many gays who live in rural america and the radical environmentalists are very hostile to they’re way of life. And besides the choice isn’t all that clear, you can be a republican in a party where white people hate you, or you can be a democrat in a party where black and hispanics hate you.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    If you are let’s say a gay coal miner you have a choice between voting democrat and marriage or republican and you’re job.

    Romney sent piles of American jobs to China; he’s not a Democrat. Anyone who votes Republican to save their job is a fool.

  • Fitz

    I don’t want to watch a comedy about gay republicans, unless the punch line
    is one of them dying in each episode.

  • brent

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Of course you can prove he sent jobs to china. And of course Obama would not do the same thing.

  • brent

    @Fitz: And i thought the democrats were the party of compassion, i guess not.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Actually coal miners belong to unions like the United Mine Workers of America. Republicans oppose labor unions because republicans only like business owners, not the well being of the workers who keep the businesses going in the first place.

  • 2eo

    @brent: When the story about the gay self loathing guy who topped himself in Florida surfaced I made jokes about it being Avenger. Sadly it seems I was accurate, I was hoping it was you Brent.

  • Fitz

    @brent: I’ve zero compassion for quislings and kappos.

  • brent

    @Daniel-Reader: I don’t see gay rights and labor unions in any kind of alliance. I’m from Michigan and i can tell you members of unions are not known for being gay friendly. Not only that they havr ruined Michigan’s economy, as well as any other state they touch like california. You didn’t see too many coal miner’s or oil workers, or loggers voting for Obama. He cares more about pleasing greenpeace. Look at california’s central valley, Obama turned off the water on poor farmers. Sounds like a great guy to me.

  • brent

    @2eo: Yes i’m a self loathing gay because i don’t buy into all this global warming, greenpeace garbage. The problem with liberals is that once they no longer believe in god, they then make up their own religion and call it global warming. And they can make life as hell for us as Jerry Falwell did!

  • brent

    @Fitz: So i’m a traitor to gays because i don’t believe in global warming. The real fascists are greenpeace, since they are the ones taking land and water away form the peasants.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Fitz: Typical hateful lefty comment.
    @2eo: Ditto. What would you liberals have in your arsenal if name-calling were outlawed?
    @brent: You’re right, they’re wrong (and they’re a nasty bunch to boot, aren’t they?). People like you and I believe in common sense. They belong to the Church of I-Believe-Anything-Michael-Moore-Says. They believe Barack Obama is a supporter of gay rights. They think that Harry Reid, a Mormon, wants them to have gay marriage. They think that anyone who is heterosexual and white is the enemy. They are so deluded that they think you and I and others on this site are the same person, just hanging around to harrass them. They resort to name-calling because they have nothing else to use against people with whom they disagree. They are, in short, childlike, and therefore, in my opinion, unworthy of debating, because when you try to discuss something rationally with a child, all you get is a temper tantrum (for examples, see above comments).

  • FredC

    I always enjoy seeing fun being poked at our community, but when hate poses as comedy, it’s not funny anymore.

    I am president of the San Francisco Log Cabin chapter and clicked on thisvideo expecting to have a laugh, not watch a hateful distortion of my friends.

    I barely know where to start. First, I have never, in any city, seen a “Republican Gay Bar”. Believe me, if one existed, I’d be a loyal customer as I enjoy havens of free speech. I guess when you’re out to create imaginary stereotypes, you can can create imaginary bars.

    I am active in local Republican party organizations and have never met opposition to LGBT people including a recent “country club” event.

    I was particularly saddened by John Loos’s vicious mischaracterization of Log Cabin as racist. Our chapter and others have members of many racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our’s has Hispanic, Asian and Black members. I defy Mr. Loos to find any Log member who harbors any anti Hispanic or other ethnic/racial sentiment. I guess when you set out to defame a group and can’t find supporting facts, you just make them up. Call me old fashioned, but I still feel that images and stories that profess to show reality should be based on reality. Apparently, these days, it’s in fashion to base them on pure contrivance and fantasy.

    Has Mr. Loos ever been to a Log Cabin event or meeting? When he’s ready to meet people with genuine integrity, I’ll be happy to arrange it if he can stand the bright light of honesty and true debate. I certainly extend the invitation to Queerty’s editors.

    There is no other LGBT group more committed to the inclusion of LGBT people into the wider national community and none more proud of their orientation and there is no other group of people who love honest comedy more.

    Fred Schein

  • Little-Kiwi

    @FredC: FredC, you’re a coward, a wimp and a liar.

    stop being angry at liberals for the fact that your own parents are ashamed of you and don’t think you’re worthy of Equality.

    you’ve never met opposition to LGBT people, from your fellow republicans? i suppose this means you choose to ignore the reality that your party was running a campaign of anti-gay prejudice, bigotry and discrimination, eh?

    but i call your bluff, you wimp.

    simply provide the URL to your own page where we can see you and the incredibly pro-Equality work you’re doing within the GOP.

    ten bucks says you can’t. coward.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @BJ McFrisky: and you belong to the church of “repeat whatever bigotry my hateful daddy says or else he’ll beat me again”


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