WATCH: New Web Series On Gay Republicans, “The Log Jam”

Low taxes. Sharp suits. Crying while listening to Carrie Underwood in the Chik-Fil-A drive-through. Whatever your political persuasion, Gay Republicans make everything more fiscally sassy.

The Log Jam, a new web series created and written by gay Chicago-based comedian John Loos, has debuted on YouTube with episodes being released through early December.

The series follow three gay conservative lonelyhearts at a local gay Republican bar where owner and bartender Nancy Reagan offers stiff drinks and blunt advice. Arnold, played by Loos, is an unemployed former Blackwater security guard, Betsy (Becca Levine) is a power lesbian and finance guru, and Phil (Andy Eninger) is a CEO with a penchant for exotic fetishes as well as family values.

From Karl Rove-themed go-go dancers to billionaire dream dates, no part of the Republican experience is left unturned.

“I grew up very Republican,” says Loos. “But now that I’m out, I find the idea of being gay in today’s GOP to be a fascinating paradox of ideas.”

Using Chicago-based comedians, most of whom are LGBT, The Long Jam came to life with the help of director Ward Crockett, who directed the popular web series Completely Normal Activity, now in its second season. The series is produced by Pinque Pony, a sketch comedy duo consisting of Loos and his Log Jam costar and real-life boyfriend Andy Eninger.

Loos explains that he wanted The Log Jam to have endearing, likable characters that highlight the disparity between what we espouse and what affects us in our day-to-day lives.

“Whether we realize it or not, everyone supports things that are seemingly contrary to their best interests, or behaves in ways contrary to their beliefs,” says Loos. “Gay Republicans are perhaps one of the most visible of those groups, but certainly not the only one, on either side of the political spectrum.”