Want 2 break free

WATCH: Nightlife performers stay extra fierce at home while raising funds for struggling youth

Social distancing may be necessary, but it comes at a cost that’s not entirely economic.

A group of drag queens and performers across 18 countries has banded together to address the mental health challenges many young people are facing under lockdown.

In particularly fabulous fashion, they’ve chosen Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” to present a unifying video featuring household creativity waiting to burst back out into the world at large.

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On an accompanying JustGiving page, they explain why they’re using the occasion to raise money for youth charity the Prince’s Trust.

Organizer and performer Alexis Saint-Pete (@alexis_saint-pete) writes:

“Anxiety, depression, fear and feelings of loneliness are being compounded for some by the impacts that unemployment can create. Retail and hospitality are two sectors which have been hit particularly hard by Covid-19 and are two sectors which traditionally provide high levels of employment for young people. Many of our performers fit into these groups, struggling with mental well-being and a lack of employment at this tricky time with their creative spaces also being taken away from them.”

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Hello everyone! For the past few weeks I have been working with my dream team on something I couldnt be more proud of! 50 artists from 18 different countries coming together to spread a very important message which is to STAY HOME, but it couldnt be just STAY HOME. We want to show you how to also STAY FIERCE during this unfortunate time we are experiencing. I am very happy to share with you that we will be raising money for the @princestrust (link in my BIO )! This will support them to support young people that are affected by Covid-19! I am SOOOOOOO lucky to be able to have a roof over my head and food in the fridge but I know there are people out there that aren’t so fortunate and it hurts me so much, I wanted to make something that will put a smile on people’s faces and help those who need support the most at this difficult time! THANK YOU to everyone who believed in my idea and I HOPE that we can help to make a positive change, even to one individual, as a result of our efforts. Video launching on April 23rd! Stay Home, Stay Fierce. . #stayhomestayfierce #draguk #dragqueen #dragqueens #lgbt #princestrust

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One of the participants, burlesque dancer Louis Circé (@louiscirce), adds to Queerty:

“What’s also worrying are the vulnerable youth, queer youth, homeless young people etc that might be even more exposed during this time, with nowhere to go or declining mental health.”

We needed a good reminder to keep it fierce while at home, and we got one: