WATCH: OH Students Protest Firing Of Lesbian Teacher

Showing their support for fired lesbian teacher Carla Hale, about a dozen Roman Catholic high-school students gathered outside the offices of the Diocese of Columbus on Friday  holding signs to protest her dismissal.

Hale, a popular teacher at Bishop Watterson High School, was fired by the Catholic Diocese of Columbus in March after her sexual orientation was revealed in an obituary for her mother.

“Miss Hale was a great teacher,” said senior Zac Simmons. “She’d always be there for us and I just want to be there for her.”

It’s not just students who are outraged over the firing of Hale. Columbus mayor Michael Coleman, tweeted his support: “I stand with Carla Hale. No one in Columbus or in the United States should be denied employment because of their choice of who to love.”

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  • Ogre Magi

    She shouldn’t have been working at a Catholic school anyway!


    I really hope they finally know what is the fucking Catholic church really is all about!!
    AdamHomo (PS, Queertey fuck you! my right to hear Christian).

  • balehead

    it’s not like she was working at a public school…..

  • Palto

    I know this will come as a shock to you dickhead but there are GLBT Catholics.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Palto: That is like being a black KKK member

  • ArtTeacher

    Wow! Where did all these haters come from? Do you really think Carla Hale is the onky gay teacher in a catholic school? Kudos to these students (and their parents) for rallying and advocating for a repressed minority. Faith in action.

  • ArtTeacher


  • jevonbellam

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  • Scribe38

    @balehead: @Ogre Magi: Sure its ok to molest little kids but don’t have a loving relationship with an adult! You guys are victim blaming and sounding like GOP proud. In August I’m starting classes at a Catholic College in Ohio. The only reason being that the program will allow me to finish my degree faster than if I remained in Michigan, by over a year, its cheaper by 10000 a year, and I will start working in my field almost immediately. You don’t know what brought her to the job she has. I really hope she gets her job back. It is sad to lose you mother and your job at the same time. If people protest and stop giving money to the church they will stop doing this crap.

  • Ogre Magi

    “@balehead: @Ogre Magi: Sure its ok to molest little kids but don’t have a loving relationship with an adult!”
    When the Hell did either of us say that, you dumb-butt?

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