WATCH: R&B Rumor Magnet Omarion Discusses Frank Ocean’s Coming Out

Omarion, who just saw Self Made Vol. 2 hit Number One on the R&B and rap charts, has been the subject of numerous gay rumors that alleged everything from his dating Bow Wow to his having been molested by former B2K manager Chris Stokes and singer Marques Houston.

We don’t know if any of that is true but, as the Lava Lizard points out, the singer is “a chronic overcompensater” who is “desperate to match hypermasculine ideals.” (Want proof? Check out his video for “Let’s Talk.”)

In a recent interview with Rap-Up TV, though, O had nothing but love for Frank Ocean, who recently went public about a past relationship with a man. (The part about Ocean starts at the 2:57 mark.) “It feels good when you can be honest, when you can walk around [without] things you don’t need to carry around no more,” he says in the clip above. “And I felt like it might have been a burden for him.” Omarion also says he respects anyone “who has something they need to get off their chest.”

Should we expect a similar disclosure from Omarion when his next solo album drops?

Photo: Maybach Music Group