WATCH: Steve Grand Is Begging You To “Stay” With Him

Model-country singer Steve Grand, who became an internet sensation earlier this summer by dropping trou in his “All American Boy” video, is back with a followup. The clip for his bouncy new single “Stay” finds the out performer pleading for his hot new boyfriend to, ahem, stay with him and be his lover. As if any guy would turn down that offer! The video is filled with same-sex loving and, yes, Grand’s rippling abs are eventually revealed.

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  • Jake357

    He is adorable. I need a sexy duet video with him and Eric Himan to come out next.

  • yaoming

    Very cute, very gay. Not sure the str8s will like it.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I challenge Luke Bryan to cover the song and copy the video.

  • Wilbready

    Sexy and fun!

  • Dxley

    Sexy and gay? Sounds AMAZING to me!

  • Katbox

    I’d be embarrassed to be a part of this.
    Not my type of music- so corny.

  • jckfmsincty

    Country Music: White Straights Only

  • mz.sam

    Whether Steve’s video appeals to str8s or not, HE ISN’T COUNTRY, people! (So says Steve himself.)

  • CleJoke

    Stick to modeling kid. Go into porn and then escorting. Please don’t make our ears bleed.

  • cenlanurse

    Good catchy pop song. Like it much better than his first one.

  • MudgeBoy

    I loved “All American Boy” so I was afraid to watch this one. So glad I did, I just love it. So happy and carefree, the way summer ought to be. Not a negative vibe anywhere in the video — just freedom to laugh, dance, and party with all kinds of people, including your boy friend. What a happy fun song and such a wonderful video.

  • Scribe38

    Not my thing, but the video quality and production was nice. Wish him the best, can’t be the easiest way to make a career. I respect him being true to himself.

  • boxjelly

    Abercrombie & Fitch ad….cute enough

  • Rusriverman

    He sings to life in a real and honest way and he’s representing the community as an out artist who isn’t willing to compromise. I find that very refreshing. Great job Steve Grand.

  • Fael

    Really cool song, but he should get a sponsorship or something… That kind of clip does not require a lot of money, which is good, but they turn out very similar to each other

  • Deepdow

    Well, at least he seems comfortable with himself.

  • daveusericuk

    The video certainly is very easy on eyes. Both Steve and Jayson (the DC model/Bartender who plays “the boy”) are certainly nice to watch. Then We listened to the song without the video (and the pecs, abs and blinding smiles) and honestly… like a few other people on here found the whole cheating message (“my old man is out of town for a couple days…”) kinda ruined it by overshadowing he positive vibe in the song. But hey.. it’s a catchy tune and if it sends Tony Perkins and Pat Robertson into conniptions, more power to him.

  • JohnnyDC

    More pop than country really…and that’s two great fresh sounding songs now, an entire album would be a treat!

  • J.c.

    It’s a nice upbeat country song. Not crying over dead dogs , cheatin women or old frozen wedding cakes . (lol)

  • Jake357

    @daveusericuk: I caught that line too, but I wondered if he meant it in the sense of his father or lover. The phrase can mean both. And when he talks about his would-be love staying all summer, I get that he must have been referring to his father when he used the expression “old man”. To me, the whole impression was that this grown ass (and a lovely grown one it is) man is singing what amounts to a Taylor Swift-esque bit of pop country made for the high school crowd. That was my only real quarrel with the song. True the vid is cheesy, but it’s cute enough that I don’t mind. But the song seemed a little juvenile. In that regard my previously mentioned duet with Himan would seem more relevant cuz then Himan could grow this boy’s music up. Plus they would make a hot video together. :D

  • marc sfe

    @jckfmsincty: Hardly. I guess you’ve never been to Charley’s in Denver or Phoenix, or the LineUp in San Francisco. Sheesh….. some gay men are so judgmental.

  • Dxley

    I just downloaded his two songs, “stay” and “American boy”. Pure talent. He’s also gorgeous. God, those lips *drools* and that seductive voice *falls down*. He can undress me anytime he feels like it. What a gorgeous man!!!! Yum!!! Not the likes of Charlie Hunnam, that ugly, hobo-like, bastard *cringes *

  • Cagnazzo82

    @Dxley: You’re crazy.

    If I had a choice between that fluffball gay porn parody Steve Legrand, and an actual stud like Charlie Hunnam I would definitely, definitely go for Charlie.

    I can’t even finish Steve’s songs. They’re so bland and lifeless.

    And is that Dawson from Corbin Fisher in his videos? I could almost swear that’s him.

  • Dxley

    Haters can go fuck themselves. Steve is awesome. You’re allowed to think otherwise but he’s awesome. Good looks and talent. Jealousy is a brilliant colour on you. He actually looks clean. I wonder who was the first lucky guy to kiss or bang him. I love him. Fuck y’all haters (•?.? •? ). His songs have life a (BILLION)^2 times more than your sex life. Broke, jealous assholes ;) #TeamSteveGrand

  • maxlovesrio

    Great, fun song! Loved it! Props to Steve for being open and honest and taking such a risk with his career.

  • TylernKY

    This dude is a self promoting disgrace to the professional music world. Puke

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