WATCH: Support Marriage Equality Or Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriend

One good meme deserves another. The Unsolicited Project has filmed a response to College Humor’s Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriend with the even more convincing Gay Women will Marry Your Boyfriend. Literally, if there are two words that can make a straight man forsake any and all of his values they’re “lesbian threesome.” Let’s just hope this doesn’t backfire, leading to a massive anti-marriage equality surge in the hetero male population.

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  • Maruchi

    I am quite enjoying this steadily escalating arms race of “We will marry your ______”. We’ve have the gays marrying the straight girls, the straight guys being glad, and the lesbians marrying the straight guys…straight girls being glad next?

  • Ridpathos

    We just need the straight guys marrying the gay guys… you know… to like.. get back at us. Not because we want to or anything.

  • GayBacon

    Oh there’ll be a straight burly man version soon…..i can see it now, another broski from My New Hair Cut, “PROTEIN! HGH! POWWWWERRRRR BARSSSS!!!!”

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