WATCH: Texas Judge Announces Re-election Bid, Dumps Republican Party

Dear GOP: Judge Carlo Key isn’t here for your shenanigans. In a 2:40 takedown with enough shade to make a drag queen smile, Key deftly announces his re-election bid while announcing that he will not be doing so on the Republican party ballot.

Calling out the “pettiness and bigotry” of the party interspersed with news clips of the usual hateful suspects, he concludes with the final smackdown, stating that he cannot be a member of a party in which “hate speech elevates candidates for higher office, instead of disqualifying them.”

Key is making a bold move appealing to better judgement instead of pandering to far-right crazies, especially in a blood red state like Texas. Hopefully the attention from the video can actually help a progressive candidate for once, instead of forcefeeding us yet another right-wing blowhard.

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  • bjohnmasters

    OK…that’s about as honest and straightforward as it gets. I’d almost consider moving there just to vote for this guy.

  • bolloxok


  • brent

    How is the word progressive applied to a judge? That is a way to describe someone running for the legislature. A progressive judge to me is someone who ignores constitutional rights like the 2nd amendment, while making up rights like RoeVWade. The progressive accuses then NRA of making up rights, while the same progressive makes up abortion rights. At least the NRA can find something in the constitution that resembles what they are arguing, the progressive cannot.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Is this somehow connected to us, or is this just another dull “I Hate Republicans” article? Come on, it can’t be THAT slow of a news day.

    A judge with an agenda is a judge to be feared.

  • mpwaite

    WHAT A STATEMENT!! I’m so very proud that he is from my home town of San Antonio, TX. YOU GO CARLO!!!

  • John Doe

    I’m not sure why judges should be associated with a particular political party. They should be “free” of partisanship and focussed on the law, the Constitution, etc.

    And, as an FYI, there are many elected Democrats across the country that don’t support marriage equality.

    Just 5 years ago Obama and Clinton repeatedly denounced the idea of marriage equality. They were still stuck on the “traditional definition” as it pertains to marriage. How politically convenient that they (many Democrats in DC) should all evolve at the same time on this topic, essentially tripping over themselves to support equality. It is too bad that these LAWYERS didn’t recognize LEGAL equality prior to when it was politically convenient for them to do so. Obviously, their evolving was ultimately a good thing. But, come on… it was politics and social acceptance that caused this rapid change in views.

    In my (liberal) state there are still many Democrats that don’t support marriage equality. So, progress is still lacking in many Democratic circles, not just Republican ones.

  • Fitz

    The man’s got guts! And REALLY nice ojos!

  • jwrappaport

    @BJ McFrisky: A judge with a slavish, dogmatic devotion to the Constitution is a judge to be feared. I hate to tell you, every judge has an agenda. Even Roberts’s nonsense about umpiring – that’s an agenda that subscribes to a very narrow, specific conception of the Constitution. Judges are people and they are subject to the same biases, prejudices, and fears that you and I are. I laugh at your judicial bogeyman that has gained so much traction in conservative circles. I fear the legislator far more than the average judge – our political branches have been bought and paid for and are not meaningfully accountable to the people.

    @brent: Progressivism is easily found in our Constitution – although “progressivism” as I understand it is synonymous equality. I’m not sure how you’re defining it. The 14th Amendment and the Preamble demand equality pretty plainly to me. Roe may have been on shaky formal ground, but there is no question to me that bodily autonomy is central to any free society – why is that so scary to you? Why do you fear the loss of your guns more than the loss of your dignity?

  • jwrappaport

    The bigger question is why any free society, let alone one based on the idea of separation of powers, would see fit to elect judges in their courts of record.

  • james_in_cambridge

    There is nothing worse than the self-hating homocons on Queerty. Idiots & losers, all of you. Thank God for this judge and thank God that the GOP is going the way of the dinosaurs, thanks largely to demographics. Even in Texas, the Latinos, who are already a majority right now by the way, will at some point soon start to vote in proportion to their numbers and end the Republican Party, in Texas and throughout the South. Since that party is already toxic everywhere else, it’ll be good effin’ riddance to the party of psychos and in-breds!

  • james_in_cambridge

    @jwrappaport: Queerty needs a thumbs up/down voting system for comments and you deserve a million thumbs up!

  • Caleb in SC

    @jwrappaport: I agree wholeheartedly. Popularly elected judges are the death of justice.

  • jeff4justice

    Yeah, we know Republicans fucking suck. But so do Democrats who are as much to blame for the upcoming food stamp cuts, continued criminalization of marijuana users, NDAA, defense of Monsanto, defense of the continued lie-based wars, etc…

    As much as LGBT media wants to ignore this: Gallup: In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High

  • Charli Girl

    I’ll do it for you bjohn!!!!

  • tjr101

    Good for him, I hope he wins. The GOP is the most backward, hateful and destructive organization in America today. This party and their aging bigot base can’t die soon enough!

  • kodi_kanuck


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