WATCH: Texas Judge Announces Re-election Bid, Dumps Republican Party

Dear GOP: Judge Carlo Key isn’t here for your shenanigans. In a 2:40 takedown with enough shade to make a drag queen smile, Key deftly announces his re-election bid while announcing that he will not be doing so on the Republican party ballot.

Calling out the “pettiness and bigotry” of the party interspersed with news clips of the usual hateful suspects, he concludes with the final smackdown, stating that he cannot be a member of a party in which “hate speech elevates candidates for higher office, instead of disqualifying them.”

Key is making a bold move appealing to better judgement instead of pandering to far-right crazies, especially in a blood red state like Texas. Hopefully the attention from the video can actually help a progressive candidate for once, instead of forcefeeding us yet another right-wing blowhard.