WATCH: Tim Gunn Explains How Christine Quinn Will Help New York’s Fashion Industry

Style guru Tim Gunn asks New York City voters to forget the fact that mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is a woman and  a lesbian, insisting she’s the only capable person to run the nation’s largest city.

“The most exciting thing about this mayoral race, is Chris Quinn. I know that Chris doesn’t want to turn this city into a luxury brand. She is very concerned about the middle class,” Gunn says in a new video. “And she is very concerned about education – education for all, a good education. Through her ability to mitigate and facility was able to save 4,000 teachers their jobs in this city.”

The Project Runway mentor also wants it known that another reason he’s endorsing Quinn is due to NYC’s reputation as the fashion capital of the world and predicts that they city welcomes young go-getter designers. “Chris will help us move the needle forward.”

All good, Gunn, just don’t ask us to forget this.